1 Year
Jack Russell Terrier X
Tan, White and Black
Living with Children:
Understanding , dog savvy children 10+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A home with a cat friendly dog may be considered.
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence

Meet Pinky – our delightful 1 year old Jack Russell terrier.

Pinky has been a wonderful addition to the CDCH gang, settling in well and making lots of friends with staff and dogs alike. Although a little tentative on first meet, it doesn’t take her long to say hello and show off her affectionate side – she enjoys fuss and and will often jump on your lap for face licks.

Once Pinky gets to know you, she forms close bonds and often seeks attention from her favourite humans – she already enjoys sofa cuddles and spending time with her handlers. It’s apparent that she isn’t keen on being left on her own and may show signs of separation anxiety when left, therefore would benefit from someone being around a good chunk of the day, who is willing to build this up slowly over time.

It seems Pinky has not been very adventurous in her past, as she can be a little nervous on walks, therefore, would thrive in a home with humans who can help her to grow in confidence, through gentle introductions to the wider world. Although we think that she will adjust well in to a loving new home, as she is used to previously spending lots of time in an outdoor environment, so may need a little help to feel settled inside.

Pinky is looking for some human companionship with humans who will dote on her like she deserves (she is super eager to please). Pinky would be suited to a home with older children, (10+) and has been used to the company of another dog, therefore, a home with an existing dog would be considered, so long as they were friendly, confident and calm.

If you think you could provide a loving forever home for Pinky, and give her the company and love she craves, let us know by completing a perfect match form below:

Please note that adopters will need to be willing to return to the centre at a later date for Pinky to be neutered. Any homes located over 1.5 hours drive from the centre, will need to arrange for this procedure to be carried out at a chosen vet more local to the home, to which a neuter voucher will be provided towards the cost (proof of this procedure will need to be provided).

Any existing male dogs in the home will need to be neutered.

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