Rhino - Adopt or Foster

8 months
Bull Breed
White and Tan
Living with Children:
Dog savvy children 15 years + will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
A home that can continue my training and development in a loving home

Introducing Rhino, a sociable and friendly dog who is ready to leave his difficult past behind and find a loving forever home. Despite his challenging start, Rhino’s spirit remains unbroken, and he is eager to shower his new family with love and affection.

Rhino craves human interaction and will flourish in a home where he receives plenty of attention and affection. At 7 months, he is 18kg but this doesn’t stop him thinking he is a lap dog!

He is sociable with other dogs but can be slightly cautious initially, therefore, benefits from a soft approach and confidence-building during gentle interactions. While he may start off a bit shy, Rhino enjoys the company of other dogs and play sessions once he feels comfortable. Due to this, a home where he could be socialised with other friendly and confident pups, building some positive four legged friendships over time would be ideal.

Rhino’s past has made him very food motivated, which is great for training, but requires careful management at home to ensure he learns proper manners around the dinner table – he would benefit from a home with no young children (14 years and above), where he is not distracted by tasty snacks and his training can be the focus.


On entering our centre, we discovered Rhino had an old leg injury which was causing some lameness, requiring monitored exercise and regular pain relief.

After further investigation and X-rays, we have found that he has an untreated old fracture, which will require future treatment through surgery. In order to carry out this surgery, Rhino’s current injury will need to fully heal and unfortunately, due to his recovery needs, we would be unable to carry this out while he stays within the kennel environment.

Adoption or temporary foster?

Although we are keen to find Rhino an understanding and supportive forever home, where his adopters are happy to assist his recovery and ensure any after care needs are met (potential physiotherapy and hydrotherapy), due to the need to settle him in to a home environment so that we can give him the treatment he so needs, we are also open to discussing temporary foster care.

Anyone considering foster, will need to be around for large parts of the day to ensure he is kept calm and comfortable, and have flexibility to ensure he attends his appointments with the vet. They will need to be confident in supporting post-operative care/ giving medication, therefore, experience with this is preferable, although not essential.

Being a young pup, Rhino has so much potential to be the perfect four legged family member we know he can be, he just needs someone to give him the chance! If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a dog who’s eager for a second chance at a happy life, Rhino is the perfect candidate.

If you are open to fostering Rhino, to help him on his journey, or alternatively, would like to offer Rhino a loving forever home, and are happy to work with CDCH to help him through this challenging time (the expected treatment will be included as part of the adoption), then complete a perfect match form below listing your preference:

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