8 months (estimate)
Tri Colour
Living with Children:
Understanding older children (14+) who are happy to be hands off will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I am looking for another Guinea Pig friend
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence
I require:
A companion guinea pig

Meet Rusty.

Rusty arrived in our care after being removed by the RSPCA from a hoarding situation, and is now looking for a forever home with a furry friend to keep him company.

Living among 30 other guinea pigs, Rusty arrived very underweight having had little access to food. It is clear that Rusty had very little human interaction in his previous home as he is a very nervous boy who is easily startled.

Understandably, has been very nervous since his arrival and although he has now settled in to a loving foster home, he is still very shy and is learning to enjoy being handled. Due to this he is looking for some very understanding humans who are happy to take a hands-off approach with him initially, and offer him the time and space he needs to build his confidence. He would benefit from the companionship of another gentle and friendly Guinea pig (male or female) who is more confident with human interaction.

Rusty is still learning to trust humans, and with some gentle interactions with his foster carer, will slowly approach to take food from their hand. His favourite treats are mint – which he will eat in abundance!

Rusty still has a way to go before he will be comfortable with handling, so his new humans will need to be patient and understanding in slowly building him up to this. This can be done by having short sessions of handling with lots of tasty treats to build him up to this slowly.

Rusty likes to sit in his hides and watch the world go by. Due to his nervous nature, he would benefit from a large accommodation, so that him and his companion have plenty of room to share or have space when needed. He would be best suited to a calm home with older children, who are happy to take a hands-off approach.

If you think you can give Rusty the new life he deserves, and show him that humans aren’t so scary, let us know by completing a perfect match form below.

Please note that any adopters would need to have appropriate measures in place to allow a bonding process to take place, and be happy to introduce Rusty to his new friend slowly.

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