1 Year and 5 Months
Beagle Cross
Black, Tan and White
Living with Children:
A calm home with understanding and dog savvy children age 12+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and chilled home with people around for most of the day.
I require:
further basic training/confidence building

Sherlock is our gorgeous young Beagle X, who arrived at the centre through no fault of his own.

This handsome chap was signed in to the care of the RSPCA, as there were too many dogs in the home for his owners to cope with. Sadly, Sherlock has lived a very sheltered life, and at 1.5 years of age, he has never experienced the joys of a walk, or even received care from a vet, which as you can understand, has resulted in him having a slightly more reserved nature.

Despite this, Sherlock is blossoming into a delightful companion, and after a tentative first few days at the centre, we are so pleased to see his personality is starting to shine through, revealing a sweet natured and affectionate boy, with a bit of a silly side! Sherlock is always happy to see the people he knows most, greeting them with a tail wag and some kisses!

Ideal Home:

Sherlock is looking for an understanding family who can help build his confidence using a gentle approach. His adopter(s) should be happy to work on some basic training needs to help prepare him for a happy and fulfilling future, full of adventures. Being a young working breed mix, he will require an active family, who are willing to meet his exercise and mental stimulation needs, as he likes to keep his brain busy.

Sherlock builds wonderful relationships with people, but can find strangers a little dauting at first, so a calm and settled home would be ideal, to avoid the worry of visitors coming and going too frequently. Once he has built a bond, he can become quite attached and needy, as he likes to be by your side, so he would love some human company throughout the day. Sherlock is the perfect dog for someone equally affectionate, as he enjoys sofa cuddles, gives frequent face licks and will likely try to steal your side of the bed!

Although Sherlock is very gentle, he can be timid, so slightly older children who can be more aware and understanding of this on initial meets would be best suited. It would be beneficial if they were already dog savvy, and not worried by a dog jumping up, as his manners can be a little lacking. True to his breed, Sherlock is very food driven, so there may even be the temptation to steal snacks if the opportunity arises. Saying this, he is a very quick learner when a tasty treat is involved, so this could be used positively for training.

Other pets:

Sherlock has lived with many dogs, although, he did arrive with scars on his legs, which may be an indication of some previous negative experiences. He has had some gradual and positive meets here are the centre, and shows great promise at being social with other canine friends, but due to his current needs, we are looking to place him in a home as the only dog. We have not tested him around cats, but would not consider him suitable to living with smaller animals.

Choosing Sherlock means gaining a loyal and loving companion who will reward your patience with unconditional love. If you think you can offer him the home he needs, then complete a perfect match form below:

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