9 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I like to be the only animal in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I require a quiet home with humans around most of the time
I require:
an indoor only home / home with restricted supervised outdoor access

Introducing our stunning girl Sky.

Sky is a dark tortie female estimated to be around 9 years old.

Sky is a very sociable and friendly girl who enjoys human company. She is very affectionate and loves nothing more than sitting by your side and giving you head bumps.

When Sky came into our care, she was displaying some balance issues and wobbly-ness on her back legs. This has been investigated and she is now on a daily medication to help with mild discomfort. Despite this, she is full of life and happy to make friends with everyone she meets.

Sky is looking for a quiet home, with someone around for a large chunk of the day. Due to her balance issues, she is looking for an indoor only home, or a home where she is able to have restricted supervised outdoor access.

If you feel you could offer Sky the loving forever home she is looking for, please apply via the perfect match form below…


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Adores Humans
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