8 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Living with Children:
Children 14 years + will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing home with lots of comfy spots to enjoy and some human company
I require:
outdoor access once settled

Introducing our beautiful tabby girl, Star! Estimated around 8 years old, Star is keen to find a chilled out and calm home where she can enjoy some much needed love and fuss.

Star has proven herself to be a sweet and gentle kitty who is quite happy to chill in her own company, often enjoying the comforts of her cosy bed, however, she is always happy to greet staff when they visit her. On initial meet, Star can be a little timid, and takes a few quiet minutes to gain the confidence to approach, however, once she knows you she enjoys spending time curling up next to you, where she can relax and lap up all the fuss and attention she can get. Star is a calm cat, who would make a wonderful companion to those looking for an easy going feline friend.

Star would be best suited to a quiet calm adult only home, or a home with older teenagers (14+). Once settled, Star would benefit from outdoor access so she can enjoy some relaxing time outside.

If you think Star would be the perfect addition to your home, please complete a perfect match form below…

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