4 years old
Living with Children:
I could live with children of 10 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a loving home and someone to give me lots of attention

Introducing Taffy,

This beautiful girl came into the centre as she was removed from a property due to neglect, but Taffy hasn’t allowed this to effect her relationship with humans; she’s proven to be an incredibly trusting and loyal companion.

Taffy has such a gentle and calm personality so will thrive in a home that can match her chilled out energy. She has the potential to live with children 10 years + so long as they were dog savvy and respectful of her space when she needs it. She prefers the quieter side to life and has really relished in the home comforts that have been shown to her at CDCH; her new fluffy round bed is her new favourite place to be!

She loves a good mooch in the countryside taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, along with a long snooze in her bed, but her favourite time of the day is breakfast and dinner time! Taffy has a big appetite and is very motivated by food; her new family will need to be considerate of this and use her meal times as training sessions or mental enrichment to slow down her eating.

As you can see Taffy entered the shelter with a chronic skin condition which is currently being treated; her skin has made great improvements already and we are hopeful it won’t be long until she’s back to looking 100% herself! She requires a course of short term tablets and regular baths to help her skin heal and her fur grow back. Her new adopters will need to be committed to continuing her medical journey so she can recover back to full health.

It’s likely Taffy has lived a very sheltered life up until now so her new family will need to be keen to build her confidence with the world around her at her own pace. She has shown some nervousness around passing traffic so would benefit from a rural or semi rural home that have the space to build her confidence with road walking over time.

If you think you could provide Taffy with the calm and loving home she deserves then please fill out a perfect match form.

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