2 years old
Labrador X Collie
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home with understanding owners who will continue my training

This is Thor – a 2 year old Labrador/Collie X.

Thor has had an unsettled start to his short life, originating from Romania, he has now landed himself in the care of CDCH and is looking for his forever home.

He has built some great relationships with staff here at the centre, giving them lots of affection and enjoying cuddles on the sofa when he gets the chance. On arrival, it was quite obvious that he has struggled to adapt to a busy life in the UK, but now comfortable with his surroundings at the centre, his true personality has started to come through, with his playful, clumsy and goofy nature providing daily entertainment for his handlers.

Although Thor loves the company and fuss of his human friends, he does find meeting new people a little worrying and needs time to be able to get to know them at his own pace. His new owners will need to attend the centre for multiple visits to build a bond with him before he can go home. Once you have cracked this, he will always greet you with excitement and a waggy tail.

Being the breed he is, Thor has lots of energy and loves his daily runs in the paddocks as well as using his nose to sniff out treats. When out and about, he can find the sight of strangers and others dogs overwhelming, which does cause him to bark and react, so he has been kept to quiet walks in low populated areas, allowing us introduce him to new things while carrying out training. Thor will need understanding owners who are dedicated to working on these behaviours once home, hoping to improve his confidence and socialisation over time. He is not yet very fond of getting in to a vehicle, so would prefer to stay close to home rather than travel for his walks.

Thor has already made great steps with his training and can be positively built up to walking with other calm natured dogs, showing he is just a nervous boy who is unsure how to make four legged friends. Although he will need to be the only animal in the home, he would benefit from regular meets with respectful dogs he can become familiar with.

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