1 Year
German Shepherd
Black and Tan
Living with Children:
A home with dog savvy older children (13 years+) will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would be best suited as the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A patient and understanding home, which can give me guidance and support my training needs.
I require:
further training/ company in the day

Tia is a resilient 1-year-old German Shepherd (although quite small in size) who has sadly lived a life of neglect, after being found emaciated living in a crate alongside her sibling. Despite these challenges, Tia has made remarkable progress in her recovery and is now looking for a loving forever home.

This gorgeous girl is a bundle of potential wrapped in a sweet, cuddly package, and we have no doubt she will make a great companion to the right family. While she can get overexcited (she loves people) and tends to jump up, she’s a quick learner who just needs a bit of guidance to master her manners. Her playful and affectionate nature shines through, especially with those who show her patience and understanding.

Tia’s limited experience with a normal home environment means she will thrive best in a patient and dedicated household, where her adopters can commit to working on her training needs, such as separation anxiety (she needs gradual training to feel secure when left alone), general manners (to prevent jumping up) and socialisation around other dogs.

She is an active girl who will require a good amount of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day to keep her happy – this would include opportunities to enjoy long lasting chews and enrichment items.

Ideal Home:

  • Children: Tia would do best with older, dog-savvy children (13 years+) who understand her need for gentle guidance and can help her channel her excitement appropriately. They will need to be confident with larger dogs jumping up.
  • Other Pets: Although Tia has previously been crated with her sibling, she has shown anxiety and frustration when in close proximity to strange dogs, therefore, will require further training to help with her socialisation. At this time, she would be happiest as the only pet in the home, where she can receive all of the attention she needs. She also has a prey drive for small animals, so a pet-free environment is ideal.

Tia is not yet neutered due to her age, so her adopter(s) will need to be willing to arrange her return to the centre to have this done in future (this will be included as part of her adoption and carried out by the CDCH veterinary team).

If you live further than a 1.5 hour travel distance, then this procedure will need to be completed by your chosen local vet practice, to which a neuter voucher of £120 towards the cost can be provided. Proof of this being done will need to be sent!

If you’re looking for a loyal companion who has a lot of love to give, and can see the potential in Tia, then complete a perfect match form below:

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