Timmy and Pixie

10 years old
Yorkshire Terrier
Male and Female
Black & Tan
Living with Children:
Adult only or children above 14 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only dog in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a calm quiet home that can show me the love I deserve

Timmy and Pixie are the perfectly matched pair who now just need their perfectly matched humans to be complete! This sweet pair are on the search for a relaxing retirement home they can call their own.

Timmy and Pixie both have a calm and gentle energy. Timmy can be timid initially but it won’t take him long to show his cheeky personality; his sassy character won’t fail to brighten up any home. Pixie is a gentle soul who can be slightly more aloof at times. Both dog’s have wonderful characters and have enormous amounts of love to add to any family unit.

Pixie enjoys countryside walks where she can sniff and explore at her own pace, whereas, Timmy prefers a small walk then back to his home comforts! This cute little duo love to share a bed and spend their days together so they make the perfect companions for each other if someone is out the house. Due to this, they could be left for 3-4 hours.

As they can be timid/nervous of chaotic environments and loud noises; they would thrive in an adult only home or a home with secondary school aged children that were very respectful, calm and quiet. Pixie has shown to be unfazed by other dogs when out on walks, whereas, Timmy can be barky on occasions; this however is easily managed and he has been capable of walking with other canine companions.

Timmy has some medical issues that will need to be managed within his new forever home, however, this only consists of daily medication which is easily administered.

Pixie and Timmy are looking for a calm quiet environment where they can relax and doing the things they enjoy doing at their own pace. So long as they have a lap to curl up on and a bed to snooze in they’re content! If you could offer them the retirement home they’re dreaming of then please fill out a perfect match form.

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