12 years old
Domestic Semi Longhair
Living with Children:
Adult only or children above 14 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home who allow me time to settle

Tom is our handsome mature gentleman! 

On arrival at the centre is was a quite unsure of his new surroundings and people he doesn’t know, so it took him a little while to make friends, but after spending a short time in our cattery, he has now proved himself to be an affectionate chap, who is quite happy to accept fuss from anyone willing to give it –  head scratches are his favourite and he will often nuzzle for more.

We are expecting Tom to be quite shy on arrival to his new home, but once he feels comfortable, we are sure he will make a wonderful, affectionate cat –  he is vocal, friendly and a cuddle bug, as he is always seeking a warm lap to settle on!

Being a long haired boy, it is important that his new family are able to maintain his coat with regular grooming, which he will need to be built up to as he is a little tentative of being groomed currently.

Tom is looking for an adopter who is willing to take things slowly at first and allow him as much time as he needs to settle before being expected to have any cuddles. He would like a quiet and relaxing adult only home, with no other cats or dogs which he can retire to.

If you think your home fits the bill, please complete a Perfect Match form to register your interest.

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