4 years old
Rex Rabbit
Black and Tan
Living with Children:
A home with respectful and understanding children will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would like another rabbit for company. A home with other pets will be considered.
Ideal Home Situation:
A chilled home with someone who would be happy to spend time with me and give me things to do.

This beautiful bunny is Twix.

Twix arrived at the centre as a much loved girl, who had sadly lost her friend, so now hopes to find another loving home and a companion to keep her happy.

She is a sweet and affectionate rabbit who is inquisitive and friendly towards the people she meets and always eager to approach for fuss or food – this seems to be the highlight of her day as she knows when it’s dinner time and will wait at the entrance to her home in anticipation.

Although she is super happy to say hello, Twix is not very comfortable being picked up – she shows this by being rather wiggly and keen to get back on all fours, so would like some understanding carers who are willing to spend time with her in her favourite places. Twix adores her house and will often hop on to the roof to watch the world go by! She is also very house proud, as she keeps it nice and clean and uses her litter tray well, making it very easy to carry out the daily spot cleaning routine.

Twix is calm and gentle in nature and her foster carers have confirmed that she is a pleasure to have around, however, she does seem a little lonely, therefore we feel having another bunny around will give her a new lease of life and get her doing binky’s once more. We would be looking for a home, preferably with a male rabbit, who is gentle in nature, due to Twix previously failing to bond with a female companion. Her new friend will need to be vaccinated – proof of this will be requested if your application is shortlisted.

As all rabbits need lots of space to explore and stay happy, we would be looking for any existing accommodation to meet suitable size requirements – for two bonded rabbits this is a minimum of 3m x 2m x 1m high. A suitable separate space for Twix would be needed initially to carry out a bonding process – experience of bonding rabbits would be preferred.

If you feel you can offer Twix the loving home and some friends too, let us know by sending in a perfect match form:

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