7 years old
Portuguese Podengo
Fawn / White
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
I require a calm, patient and understanding home that can help me build my confidence

Vin has stolen the hearts of everyone at CDCH from her stunning looks and charming nature.

She is an intelligent and lively Portuguese Podengo who will benefit from an active lifestyle. She has a shy nature, but is super sweet towards everyone she meets and staff have enjoyed seeing her personality and confidence grow day by day.

Vin can find some elements of the world worrying so will require a confident owner who has had experience in building confidence with anxious dogs. They will need to be committed to providing her with reassurance and continued training to allow her worries to diminish. Due to this she will benefit from a calm and quiet adult only home that can provide her with a relaxing atmosphere.

Despite her worries, Vin loves going for quiet countryside walks with her favourite human companion as well as sniffing around the garden at home. When not being active, one of her favourite hobbies is chilling on the sofa or pottering around the house alongside her human! She has had difficulties living with another dog in the past; and even though this was no fault of her own she would be best suited to being the only dog to ensure the focus and attention can be on her. Vin has enjoyed many walks with canine companions she has been introduced to here at the centre, but she does get frustrated when she sees other dogs on walks, so will need an owner who can continue the training we have started to help her feel more relaxed. She will be best suited to a semi-rural home, as although she is good with people, this will enable her to enjoy vast quiet spaces to run and sniff around in without the worries of seeing lots of other dogs.

It’s clear to us that Vin is keen to gain confidence with the world which will be very rewarding for a new owner as they will her blossom into the dog we know she can be! If you’re looking for an extremely loyal and well mannered companion then look no further than Vin!

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