4.5 years old
Jagd Terrier
Black & Tan
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only dog in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I require an experienced owner who can continue my training

Yoko aka adventure dog – if he hasn’t got his head in a hole then he’s digging one!

This cheeky chap has plenty of personality and energy to match. He requires a home that can provide him with lots of outdoor activity as he has high energy levels and loves nothing more than an adventure. He will make the perfect companion for someone who spends more time outdoors than they do indoors and has already joined staff here at the centre on many trips away in the camper! Yoko is incredibly clever and thrives when learning so will benefit from extra outlets like obedience training, agility or tracking.

He requires an adult only home, as he can be a typical tenacious terrier at times. He also takes time to form a bond and trust with new people, so his new owner(s) will need to be understanding of this and be committed to visiting the centre on a number of occasions to build a relationship. He will thrive in a home that is quiet and has minimal visitors as this will be a trigger for him.

Being a Jagdterrier, he has a very high prey drive meaning a home with small fury’s, livestock or cats would not be considered. Due to this, he is not a dog that will be able to be let off the lead; he can have the freedom to run around on a longline only. It would be beneficial that his new owner is social with other dogs so he can interact and socialise with other canine companions; however, he will need to live in a home where he is the only dog as he likes all the attention to be on him!

His new owner(s) will need to be confident and patient as he has a history of resource guarding high value items. This behaviour is easily controlled within a home so long as the correct preventatives, management and training is being carried out; CDCH will show a new owner how to deal with this. An experienced terrier owner is essential as they will have a better understanding of his traits and training needs.

Please write on your perfect match form in detail your experience of anxieties towards strangers and resource guarding behaviours.

Yoko could be left for 2-3 hours once built up to his new home. He’s great at keeping himself entertained so long as he’s provided with plenty of squeaky toys or food enrichment! He loves toys, and has even been learning a ‘drop and take’ cue which he’s picked up very quickly. He knows many basic commands from sit, down, wait, leave, paw and drop – he’s a sharp cookie when it comes to training!

He needs an owner who is looking for a ‘project dog’. Someone who will have plenty of time and energy to spend exercising and training him along with helping him overcome some of his anxieties.

Yoko will thrive in a highly energetic home that can offer him plenty of exercise, fun activities and of course lots of play. Are you a confident and out-going owner who can offer him all of the above? Because you may be his perfect match!


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