5 years old
Jagd Terrier
Black & Tan
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only dog in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I require an experienced owner who can continue my training

Yoko is our handsome 5-year-old Jagd Terrier, who is on the quest to find his forever home!

Sadly, despite being an amazing character and multiple meets with new potential adopters, Yoko has found himself without a home of his own for much longer than anticipated, having spent almost 3 years in the care of CDCH!

Unfortunately, he has become far too comfortable with life at the centre and finds it hard accepting new people into his personal space, which has often led to him not being the most suitable match to busy households and families. He is best suited to an experienced, adult only, pet free home (2 people maximum), with someone who is happy to dedicate time through the adoption process, to enable them to build a strong bond with him.

If this sounds like something you can provide, then let us tell you what Yoko will bring to your life and why he would be worth the dedication….

*Yoko is not your average dog – he’s extraordinary! He has built some amazing bonds with staff during his time here, and has even joined his carers on adventures away from the centre, travelling areas of the UK. His brave and outgoing nature makes him the perfect match for someone who loves the outdoors and seeks a four-legged companion to share the excitement with. Not only is he great with travel, he is happy to join you in any new environment, in all weathers! Yoko has already been on camping trips, enjoyed overnight stops in a campervan, and even conquered mountains (with a pub stop at the end of it), proving that he’s up for any challenge!

*Once he has settled in to a home, he is an easy-going dog who loves his home comforts – he will spend lots of his spare time napping, playing with his squeaky toys, or keeping himself entertained with various enrichment games – he is a super clever boy who likes to use his brain! Yoko is house trained and happy to be left on his own for short periods of time, making him flexible to those who may also have other commitments.

*Although Yoko isn’t too comfortable with strangers approaching or being in his personal space, he is unfazed in their presence outside of the home, so long as they are respectful and understanding of his boundaries. He is generally a social butterfly and will adapt to most environments, so long as his handler remains aware and advocates for him.

*He can walk nicely with other dogs, so would not be worried by group walks or adventures.

*He is a hardy, low maintenance dog, who has always kept in good health and doesn’t require any specific grooming needs.

*Yoko is the perfect side-kick – he forms strong bonds with those who dedicate time to building trust, and once you’re in his circle, you’ll have a friend for life!

What we would ask from his adopter(s):

*Being a Jagt Terrier, which is a German hunting breed known for their tenacious tendencies, being highly driven and often brave and fearless, we are looking for adopter(s) who have some experience of dogs with prey drive, or who are happy to learn and adapt to suit. Yoko will need to remain on lead outside of the home and the garden will need to be very secure!

*We are looking for someone dedicated to initially giving their time, to build a bond with Yoko – we would be happy to adapt our rehoming process to help accommodate anyone travelling from further afield. It would be important that any adopters would have availability to set time aside to visit Yoko multiple times during the week (or take holiday to allow this), if deemed suitable after their first viewing.

*Yoko’s adopters will need to be happy to learn, and show an understanding approach to his introductions and training (this will take time and may be slow progress in the initial stages).

*His new adopter(s) will need to be confident with his quirks (prey drive/ typical terrier tendencies/resource guarding/joy for digging), and happy to manage these on-going, with guidance from CDCH – they must have a keen interest in providing Yoko with a secure and safe forever home suitable to his needs.

If you’re an adventure seeker with a heart ready to take on a brave and outgoing companion, as well as someone who looking to feel the rewards of rescue, by providing a home for a dog like Yoko, then he is waiting to meet you – simply complete a perfect match form to get the ball rolling!

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