an animal
as a gift this Christmas!

Join our animals on their journey to their new home

an animal as a gift this Christmas

Join our animals on their journey to their new home

Bring lasting joy to your loved ones this Christmas with the gift of CDCH Sponsorship

This Christmas, choose to support local dogs or cats by gifting a CDCH Sponsorship.

Your loved ones will receive a limited edition Christmas welcome pack, including a certificate and a soft cuddly toy of one of our dogs or cats.

You will be helping every animal at CDCH receive nutritious food and veterinary care in their name. 

Make lasting memories during your private tour of the beautiful CDCH where you will see the difference your generosity makes to over 1,000 animals every year. 

Choose to gift a dogs or cats sponsorship for as little as £2.50 per week.

How will my
make a

How will my sponsorship make a difference?

How does sponsorship make a difference?

CDCH sponsors help provide the vital veterinary treatment, food and care vulnerable animals need to have the happy, healthy, and loving future they deserve.

Your gift of sponsorship will help provide the animals with a safe space and plenty of love.

Crucially, it will allow us to plan the care we can give the animals and to offer support to many more.

Your generosity helps us provide:

-Veterinary care

-Socialisation and training

-Comfortable kennels and pods 

-Nutritious food and treats

-Toys and enrichment

You can choose to gift a CDCH dogs or cats sponsorship.

Rather than helping just one animal, your gift will be helping the animal who needs it the most. 

Your monthly donation might contribute towards emergency veterinary care, medication or physiotherapy. 

Your loved one will hear about which animal they helped in their monthly update. 

Your generosity will provide the animals with veterinary care, a healthy diet, training and a warm place to stay. 

When you gift a CDCH Sponsorship, you become part of the CDCH family. 

As a thank you, your loved one will receive: 

Welcome letter and certificate

A cuddly dog or cat

The inside scoop on how your gift helps animals at the centre and in foster care

Regular updates and heartwarming stories from the incredible animals they help

CDCH merchandise

An invitation for a VIP tour and to all our events and open days

  • Provides animals with the toys and comfy bed they deserve
  • Will buy the nutritious food and enrichment each animal needs
  • Covers much needed routine veterinary care and medication

Feel the Joy!

Your loved ones will witness the incredible transformation of the animals they sponsor and experience the heartwarming joy of knowing you both played a vital role in their success.

I sponsor cats and love receiving the updates! On my visit to CDCH I knew I would be a life long supporter. The centre is in a beautiful setting, it's calm place for the animals to recover, it's spotless and the animals are well looked after.

I am helping abused animals recover and find new homes. That's a great feeling! Thank you CDCH for all you do.

CDCH Sponsor

The power of sponsorship


Moose was found in a shed, emaciated, wounded and riddled with cancer

Sponsors helped us give Moose the veterinary care he needed.


The generosity of his sponsors, meant Moose recovered enough to be adopted and now lives comfortably in a loving home where he has all the care he deserves. 

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Tiger Tom's medication costs meant that he was overlooked by potential adopters

Tiger Tom’s sponsors covered the costs of his medication. 


Thanks to his sponsors, Tiger Tom is in supported adoption with a loving family. Tiger Tom and his family, can rest assured that he will be safe and loved for the rest of his life, regardless of costs. 

We are limiting sponsorship gifts to collection only to ensure all welcome packs are received in time for Christmas. 

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