10 Top Tips for Happy Pets

At CDCH, we believe every pet deserves the best care and lots of attention. 

With this in mind, the team has pulled together their top tips for happy pets. 

1. Plenty of Exercise

Scheduling plenty of time for walks, training and a regular game of fetch in the garden will ensure your pet stays active and physically fit, bonds with you and avoids some common health problems.

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2. Enrichment

Mental stimulation is also important.


Provide toys, hide treats, practice new tricks and make sure your pets are using their unique skills — whether that’s sniffing something out or finding their way through an obstacle course.


This will keep your dog, cat or small furry interested and engaged, and it means they’re less likely to cause mischief through boredom.

3. Happy Owners

Having a pet can be stressful at times, but it’s also one of life’s greatest pleasures.


Your pet can be a huge source of love and affection, but you need to make sure you do your research and fully understand the costs involved and the practical implications of pet ownership before you make the decision to adopt, to make sure it’s the right decision for both of you.

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4. Love and affection

Regular cuddles, belly rubs and encouragement will go a long way with your furry friend. 


These will build your emotional bond and also ensure your pet learns to associate humans with positive interaction.

5. Regular vet care

It’s a good idea to introduce your dog or cat to their vet as soon as possible, so that your vet can get to know them and their needs.


Scheduling annual health screenings and dental checks are a great way to ensure any issues are caught and treated early on, and having a vet you trust on speed dial can make emergency situations much less stressful.


For more information, read this useful  dental care article. 

If you are worried about vet costs and on means-tested benefits, you may be eligible to use CDCH’s Low-Cost Vet Clinic.



6. Training

Not all dogs need to be wowing on the agility course and not all cats need to enter a talent show, but making sure your furry friend understands the basics will mean it’s easier to keep them safe and under control.


Good recall is vital if you’re taking your pet outside the home and sitting and staying on command can be useful in lots of different situations.


Teaching your pet a trick or two can also be a great way to bond with them and impress!

7. Neutering

As well as being the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, spaying your pet can also help prevent diseases and potentially, extend their life expectancy. 


For further information, please read useful article Neutering Your Pet.

8. The Right Nutrition

Feeding your pet the right type of food in the right quantity can help them maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain illnesses and extend their lifespan.


Make sure your dog or cat always has access to clean water and that their treats make up no more than 10% of their daily calories.

9. Socialisation

Dogs, cats and (many small furries!), are social creatures and can hugely benefit from being introduced to other animals and people while they are young.


This will make them more comfortable with the world around them and decreases the odds of antisocial behaviors later in life.


What better excuse to get out there and enjoy some quality time with your pet?


Take a trip to the park, visit family and friends or throw them a birthday party! But only if that’s something you think they’d enjoy, of course.

10. Grooming

Regular brushing and bath times will control the amount of dirt your pet brings into your home, as well as making them feel like a million dollars — so everyone’s a winner!


This is also an ideal time to check for lumps and bumps, as well as any changes that may be cause for concern.

For any questions about your pet’s well-being, please consult your vet.

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