The CDCH Pet Retreat Scheme

The CDCH Pet Retreat Scheme is a pet fostering service for individuals fleeing domestic abuse or facing other life-changing events by providing support and care to their pets while they are temporarily unable to.   Our project offers a solution to a vulnerable situation and enables an individual to flee to safety or undergo lifesaving urgent treatment. 


Refuges offer a place of safety but are sadly unable to accept pets meaning that in many cases individuals experiencing domestic abuse are unable or reluctant to leave their home until they know there is somewhere safe for their pet.  Our Pet Retreat scheme provides no cost pet care enabling vulnerable individuals and families access to a refuge without the fear of what could happen to their pet.  The scheme also supports pets cared for by people who are living alone and in need of urgent hospital treatment.

Our first client tells us about her puppy, Cookie:

"I placed my puppy into the care of the team at the Cotswold Dogs & Cats home when I had to flee my home to enter a women's refuge. They were really accommodating and got my dog into foster care within a couple of days. "I was reassured her care needs would be met, and one weight was lifted from my shoulders instantly. It was a completely smooth process and I am now looking forward to getting my dog back, knowing she has had the best possible care. "I cannot thank the team and the foster carers enough for helping me at my greatest time of need. "I owe the team so much, and without them, I would not have been able to get to safety as quickly as I did".

How does it work?

We work closely with key organisations within our community to ensure a successful multi-agency approach in a client’s time of need.  

A contractual arrangement is put in place between the client and CDCH.  Pet Retreat animals are cared for in the loving home of a volunteer foster carer until their client can be safely reunited with them.   During the animal’s stay, regular updates will be provided through the refuge to the client, whilst maintaining strict confidentiality measures of the animal’s location. 

I would like to become a foster carer

Fostering an animal is a rewarding experience for any animal lover. If you live locally and would like to help, please CLICK HERE for more information about fostering.

How to access Pet Retreat

If you are fleeing domestic abuse, you are in urgent need of hospital care or you are a service working on behalf of a client, please contact us for information on how to access our pet fostering service.

01453 890 014

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