We promise to be there now and in the future. Donate just £3 a month and support over 1000 animals every year!

We are celebrating another year of being there for animals in need.

Every year our expert team cares for around 1,000 unwanted and abandoned Dogs, Cats, and small furries, and last year was no different.

CDCH helped on average around 118 animals every month.

We are independently funded and rely entirely on the generosity of our kind supporters to continue our vital work.

Please help support homeless and vulnerable dogs, cats and small furries by setting up a regular donation of £3 per month.


We are extremely grateful for every gift we receive.

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home has been caring for animals in need for over 80 years and will continue to do so year after year providing a brighter future.


The animals we help come from a range of backgrounds, some are loved pets who can no longer be with their families for many reasons.


We also accept animals who have been abandoned and have nowhere else to go, some animals we take in have illnesses or have life-changing injuries requiring immediate and ongoing medical attention and some sadly have suffered severe abuse or neglect.

Animals like Stella who came to us in a horrendous and sad condition, Poor Stella should not have suffered like this. 


She had a chronic skin condition causing extensive scaling, thickened skin, and severe bald patches. 


She was clearly in a lot of discomfort and desperately needed our help.

Stella received all the love and medical attention she needed to make a full recovery and she didn’t allow her past suffering and neglect to stop her from building a bond with humans.


Stella began to heal and show her trust and was later rehomed to live her best life full of love and pain free.

We take in dogs and cats from the public, RSPCA Inspectors, the Police and other authorities.


We manage the adoption of rescue pets to loving new homes across Gloucester, Cotswolds and beyond with welfare at the heart of everything we do.


Although we are financially independent and make many of our own policies, we remain the RSPCA Cotswolds, Gloucester & District Branch of the national RSPCA, adhering to their high welfare standards and working with local RSPCA Inspectors to house and care for animals in need.


This work is some of the most traumatic we encounter, and often see unbelievable acts of neglect and abuse.

With increased costs in every area from food and heating to emergency veterinary bills this year and predicted costs for running the centre are coming out at just under £900,000 for 2024 we need your support now more than ever.

We promise to be there now and, in the future, to support and help as many animals in our community as possible through our rehoming centre, low-cost vet clinics and The Pet Retreat Scheme.

Our expert and fully trained team is dedicated to ensuring the animals in our care receive the highest quality of animal care.


Our facilities have been designed to improve animal welfare at every stage of their stay; including isolation facilities, specially designed cat pods and dog kennels, sensory gardens and paddocks, a flat used to get animals used to home comforts, and an in-house veterinary suite and operating theatre.


The dogs can also use our fully equipped van, enjoying plenty of visits to local attractions for walks.

You too, can promise to be there for animals in need by setting up a regular donation of just £3 a month and be part of their journey. We can’t change their past but we can provide their future.

Having regular donations allows us to plan ahead and protect the future of the animals who need us the most.


If just over half of our social media followers donated just £3 a month to CDCH, it would 👉cover the costs of running the centre for a whole YEAR👈!


Join our community of animal lovers today!


Donate £3 a month and help us on our mission to be there for every animal who needs us.

Follow the link and donate in 60 seconds!


Please help support vulnerable dogs, cats and small furries by setting up a regular donation of just £3 per month.

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