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Across the UK households are now receiving their energy rebates - this amounts to approximately £66 per month per house for 6 months.

The rebate will reflect in energy bills and is not means-tested – meaning that every household in the UK will receive at least £400 back towards their cost of living. Those fortunate enough to own more than one home will also benefit from this, per household.


For some, this rebate will be a much needed addition to income at this time. For others who are more financially secure, it’s a nice bonus. But for the millions, it’s literally the difference between heating or eating.

We call on those who can afford it, to consider donating all or part of your energy rebate to support those who need it the most.


Here at CDCH your donation could help fund towards keeping the animals in our care not only warm this winter, but also help with food and their medical expenses.

We are too seeing the impact of the cost of living crisis.


We have noticed a huge demand in the increase of need for our services, including the use of our low cost veterinary clinic as well as supporting hundreds of vulnerable animals that come through our doors each year.

If you think you are in a position to help us then you can follow the link to donate.

Thankyou for supporting the animals here at Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home and keeping them warm this winter.

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