How gifts in Wills help animals like Bagheera

Give the gift of life and let your memory live on, as you are remembered as the animal lover you are.

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home has been caring for animals in need for over 80 years and will continue to do so year after year providing a brighter future for all that need us.

The animals we help come from a range of backgrounds, some are loved pets who can no longer be with their families for many reasons.


However some are animals who have been abandoned and have nowhere else to go, some animals we take in have illnesses or life-changing injuries requiring immediate and ongoing medical attention, and some sadly have suffered severe abuse or neglect.

Bagheera is just one of so many animals here at CDCH who has been supported by Gifts in Wills.


Providing her with a safe space, a warm bed, and a full tummy.


And of course, all the love she needed to heal and build her strength back up to go on to find her forever home.

Bagheera was barely 1 year old when she was found living in a cold, damp shed with her 2 newborn kittens who were less than 24 hours old.

Despite doing everything she could to keep her babies safe Bagheera wasn’t very well herself.


Sadly on closer inspection one of the kittens hadn’t made it. Bagheera was scared and in desperate need of our help.


As soon as she was safe in our care, she received a full health examination by our veterinary surgeon Mo Fry and it was clear that she was suffering from an extremely painful condition called mastitis.


Bagheera had tried so hard to care for her baby but she had difficulties feeding her and this tiny kitten was now at risk too.

Bagheera had developed a large ulcerated mammary gland.

She had a widespread infection, was swollen, and in a lot of pain.

To give both mum and baby a fighting chance it was decided that it was in their best interest to separate Bagheera from her kitten.


CDCH provided her with all the love, safety, and medical treatment she so desperately needed and began to hand rear her baby. 

Thanks to gifts in Wills, Bagheera was able to rest easy knowing we would provide her with everything both her and her kitten needed to help them grow to be healthy and strong.

Bagheera’s kitten now named Baloo, was cared for around the clock. 


She was hand-reared and given everything she needed to become a confident little kitten.


Although she missed out on having her mum, the CDCH team was there to care for her every need.


Thanks to the team’s fast intervention, both Bagheera and Baloo were saved

Baloo seemed unfazed by her start in life and became a lively and happy kitten who was always seeking adventures.


Often found darting around, testing her pounce out on toys, and climbing the legs of staff if she got the chance.


Baloo went on to find her happy ever after where she is now living her best life with all the home comforts she deserved.

Thankfully, after receiving her much-deserved TLC, Bagheera recovered well and started to enjoy her young life.


She loved nothing more than a snuggle with her human friends on the cattery and began to grow in confidence offering head nuzzles and loud purrs to anyone giving her a fuss.


CDCH went on to ensure she was fully protected against fleas & worms, vaccinated and neutered before seeking out the right family for her to enjoy her whole life ahead of her.

Thanks to the support of our legacy pledgers both Bagheera and Baloo are now living in their new homes receiving all the love and attention they could ever want for.

So many animals like Bagheera and Baloo are extremely lucky to have been given the gift of life thanks to the kind donations received from Gifts in Wills.


Whether you share the same beliefs as CDCH, have adopted a furry companion, or receive our community veterinary care, remembering CDCH in your Will is not only a financial contribution but also your legacy that will live on in animals’ journeys for years to come.


The greatest gift in life is giving. Choose to be remembered as the animal lover you are.

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