Seven puppies, abandoned in a cardboard box!

We are appealing for your help, to cover the extensive costs involved in caring for seven Pug-cross puppies, who were found dumped in a wet cardboard box in New Tredegar on the 31st October.

At just eight weeks old, the puppies were abandoned on a mountain pass in Blaenau Gwent before being discovered by a passer-by and taken to a Vet in Gwent.


Shortly after the veterinary practice contacted the RSPCA, the puppies received initial treatment before we welcomed them at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home. 

RSPCA animal rescue officer Carl Hone said:


“Unfortunately we don’t know much about this abandonment, as the contact number for the person who took them to the vets isn’t working. The puppies all appear healthy – and may even come from two different litters as two of the seven are bigger than the others. We’ve placed a found poster at Farm Terrace in New Tredegar, but we’re keen to confirm exactly where they were found.”

CDCH’s Animal care team are providing the puppies with around-the-clock care, ensuring all seven puppies are clean, warm, well-fed, well-loved, and receiving any medical care required estimated to cost the centre £8400 for their care.


The RSPCA is appealing for anyone with first-hand information regarding the abandoned puppies to get in touch via 0300 123 8018 and can quote 01177924.

When the puppies were initially examined by the CDCH vet, it was clear that these poor little pups had dirty coats and various health conditions including umbilical hernias which will require repair at neutering.


A couple of the puppies also have an underbite that will need to be monitored as they grow.

‘When the puppies arrived at the centre, it was all hands on deck! The puppies require a huge amount of love and care, which the team are working around the clock to provide.’


‘It breaks my heart to know that these puppies were abandoned, unwanted, and uncared for at such a young age. We are so thankful to the members of the public for finding them and taking them to a safe space before arriving in our care. They have so much love to give and will make the perfect companion for any lucky family’.


‘Their personalities are already shining! Willow, the smallest of the litter, is very affectionate and loves to curl up on your lap. Maple is the cheeky one of the bunch and will often chase her siblings around to ensure she has the best toy to play with.’


‘Despite having an awful start to life, we know they will learn to love and trust humans again’. – Haley Medlock

The team have named the adorable puppies after types of trees – Ash, Chestnut, Fern, Hazel, Maple, Oak and Willow.

Having seven puppies here is certainly keeping the team busy as they take up a lot of time and of course, finances, which can have a high impact on a small charity.


All of the puppies will require neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, flea & worming alongside additional care for their hernias. As you might imagine, this will come at considerable cost to the charity and we are asking for your support.

"All the puppies love sharing the smallest bed they can find - and all seven somehow squeeze in there! "They’re now known as the 'tree litter' as they have all been named after types of trees. They’ve settled in well, and are causing puppy mischief already!"
Ebony Poole
Animal operations lead

Your donation will help cover the costs that will provide the pups with everything they need to go on and live a happy life.


You can give these puppies a chance at each having a happy ever after by donating today towards their care, no donation is too small and we value your support.

The puppies are just a small handful of the animals that have needed our support. We have seen a large increase in the number of animals coming into our care, many of which have ongoing medical needs or have suffered neglect and cruelty at the hands of humans.  

Our vision is to ensure that no animal in our community is without a safe space to be and we need your support to help the animals that need us the most.

 We do everything we can to keep animals with their families where appropriate such as our low-cost veterinary clinic which provides veterinary care for animals with families that have hit hard times and are financially vulnerable.

Additionally, we provide Veterinary vouchers to assist with emergency vet costs and neutering.


In spite of our help, dozens of families with animals are still facing the heart breaking decision to give up their companion.

Along with the cost of living crisis, animal abandonments are on the increase. In September 2023, there were 1,969 incidents of abandonment in a single month, and this has continued to rise over the last 3 years.


Carl Hone (RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer) said: “We know times are tough at the moment and the cost of living is really affecting families who are struggling with their pets and the costs that come with them. But we ask for people not to abandon and dump these animals – but to seek help from charities and organisations out there.”

Thank you!

Any funds raised over and above the cost of the pups care, will be used to support the needs of the many animals in our care.

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