Can you help our poor Edith?

Little Edith, the 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier cross, was found abandoned and left outside in the elements in October 2021 in a cat carrier!

Ediths condition was really bad. She was severely underweight, had cataracts, alopecia, ear mites, umbilical and inguinal hernias, and dental disease. After blood tests we also found that she had diabetes.

Edith weighed just 1.2kg when she came in, that’s just over the weight of a bag of sugar!

Despite her condition, she’s a happy little poppet. Likes to bark at the birds and curl up on her foster mums lap.


Our fantastic Vet, Mo (as seen in the photos), managed to stabilise her condition and diabetes with twice-daily insulin injections. Edith gained weight and her condition improved. Once she was feeling stronger, Mo carried out an operation for Ediths hernia repairs and an extensive dental.

Edith seemed to be getting better but things took a turn for the worse this month. She was rushed to an emergency vet and we found out she unfortunately developed pancreatitis. She spent 3 days on fluids, pain relief and antiemetics. Ediths blood glucose went all over the place and was very hard to control. Her foster Mum was very worried for her and didn’t think she would pull through! But this little fighter has a will to live.


Edith has now recovered from pancreatitis. She has a freestyle libre monitor in place for the next week which means her foster parents can monitor her blood glucose levels at home with an app on their phone.


This means Edith doesn’t have to keep coming in for glucose curves (which were previously done via blood tests, which caused her a lot of stress) and we can make sure she is on the correct dose of insulin and her diabetes is now stable whilst we find her a new home.

She now needs constant monitoring with glucose curves/ freestyle libre and lifelong insulin.


Can you help the raise the funds needed for Ediths treatment?


Her initial operation cost around £800. Ediths emergency stay cost £616. Other medical costs like the glucose curves and libre cost around £400. And her ongoing treatment and special diet costs around £170 per month.


We’ve estimated her medical bill and food cost to be around £2,600 to date.

We also wanted to take this time to thank our amazing Vet, Mo, and our caring Vet Nurse, Claire! Our animals are so thankful for everything you do!


Thank you so much for helping us care for vulnerable animals like Edith.


Any amount raised over will go towards the cost of care for other residents at CDCH.

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