How a gift in a Will can help animals like Lollie

Give the gift of life and be remembered as the animal lover you are

You can rest in the knowledge that your memory will live on, helping so many animals like Moose.

He received an operation to remove cancerous tumours and continued to receive chemotherapy giving him a chance at life that he may never have received.

Gifts in Wills ensured Gizmo had a clean warm bed, a full tummy and all the medical care he needed to build him up to go on and find his puurfect forever home.

Gifts in Wills will also help Yoko with his behavioural needs that will eventually lead to him finding the best home he could wish for. None of this could be achieved without the support from donations, sponsorship and legacy gifts.

You may remember the lovely Lollie and her pups who were rescued from conditions no mother and her babies should ever have been living in.


They were found in a cold shed without even the basic requirements any animal would need let alone having just given birth. She was in such poor condition and lucky to be alive.


Lollie was extremely thin, dehydrated and covered in sores and wounds, despite this, she put her babies first and did everything she could for her puppies.


Thanks to gifts in Wills along with our donors and sponsors, Lollie was able to rest easy knowing that we would provide her with everything she needed, to help her and her pups to grow healthy and strong.

Lollie was nursed to health, her wounds treated, a feeding plan in place and a dry warm bed to rest on that allowed her to heal both physically and mentally. The team spent a lot of time making sure Lollie and her pups received all the support they required.


As time went on and both Lollie and her pups grew and they started to show us their personalities as well as their zest for life. It was soon time to find the pups a new home and give Lollie the peace and quiet she needed and deserved to fully recover.

Lollie’s legacy, was also the gift of life. She always put her pups first and gave all the adopters the opportunity for a small part of her to live on in each and every one of those families.

The pups went off to their forever homes, and when we caught up with them, this is what they had to say


“Zapp is an amazing dog and is such an important part of our family – she is so funny, sweet-natured and affectionate and we are all completely in love with her.  She is very calm around the house but great company out and about, and she has all of us wrapped around her little finger!  Lots of people have said to me that she was lucky to have found us, but we honestly think that we are the lucky ones to have found her.  She made our family complete and we can’t imagine it any other way!”



“Some of Lila’s favourite things … she loves running and exploring, making friends with people and dogs, playing tug, and snuggles under the duvet. She is a happy puppy and very loved!”

“ Luna is an absolute gem, she is adorable in every way and loves everyone and everything. She has settled in so well and defiantly rules the house!! 

She loves her walks and equally loves relaxing on the sofa or by the fire. caring temperament, is already well trained, and responds well to treats!!! 

We are so lucky to have been able to give her forever home and look forward to watching her grow and flourish in years to come.”

“ Gomez is such a handsome chap and full of character. He acts like a total goof ball at times zooming around on the trampoline or showing off to his friends that he’s the fastest in the park. But his favourite thing of all is cuddles & snoozing by the fire. 


He bought pup love & happiness back to our lives after our previous dog passed away, so we are very grateful to have him in our lives and thank CDCH for the great work they do and for considering us as adoptees and to lovely Lollie for looking after him so well in such awful conditions. ♥️🐾♥️”.



“Otis is an ever growing bundle of curiosity and cuddles. If you’re a stick, fellow lurcher or sofa you’ll soon be his best friend! Be warned, if the house seems too quiet, he probably has your slippers!”


“Well Vinnie has settled in really well, he is very much part of the family! He loves his walks and playing hide and seek with the kids (he does the seeking).”


“Monty is doing really well, he has 2 modes – either a goofy ball of energy zooming round the garden or snoozing in a sunny spot! He loves a cuddle on the sofa and especially loves to lie in front of our log burner!”  

Lollie had some down time to fully recover and heal, she was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and kept up to date with all her flea and worming treatments. Lollie’s wounds had healed nicely, just leaving behind a few scars, she was given the green light by our amazing vet Mo to be able to go on to find her forever home.

Animals like Lollie and her pups are extremely lucky to have been given the gift of life, thanks to the kind donations received from gifts in Wills.


Your legacy is not only a financial contribution but, memories that will now live on in other animals helped by a gift left in your Will.


Lollie went on to find the perfect home and her new family keep in touch with the centre often. She is now living her absolute best life and has become quite the celebrity in her home village.


We caught up with Lollies family and this is what they had to say:



“Lollie continues to delight us, and all around.  The easiest dog imaginable, loves an outing, curling up on the sofa with
us, and of course her walks.  She has such a fan club in the village.”

Seeing Lollie and all her pups finding their forever homes, is just the best feeling ever. It gives the knowledge that not only did they find their happy ever after, but it also means with your help, we can now go on to help more animals just like them.


Last year 1 in 5 animals here at the centre were helped by legacy gifts alone.  Your gift provides vulnerable animals with all the love and care they need to grow and heal to go on and find their forever homes.

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