Free Wills Month

We are celebrating National Free Wills Month and giving you the opportunity to complete your Will free of charge with our personalised service and experts with our partners at The Goodwill Partnership or completing online with Free Wills.

If you choose to complete your free Will in person, this can be done over the telephone or with a trained counselor who will visit you at your home or you can choose to do it online. Either way, every Will is legally binding and will be checked by legal experts.

Having an up-to date Will gives you the peace of mind that your final wishes are met and fulfilled ensuring that everyone you care about is looked after just the way you wanted.


We offer a free Will writing service with no obligation to donate to CDCH.


However, after providing for your loved ones, we do hope that you’ll choose to celebrate your life as an animal lover by remembering the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home by leaving a gift in your Will.

Leaving a legacy to CDCH whether it’s a monetary gift or a percentage of your estate you can rest knowing that your memory will live on.

When writing your free Will don’t forget to mention your loved ones including your pets. Take time to think about who will take care of them and what will happen to them after you are gone. 


The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats home has a pet promise that gives you peace of mind.

Should the worst happen, we will care for your pets and do our best to find them a new loving home.  

It’s very easy to set up when making or updating your Will.

For more information on how to include your pet under our Pet Promise email us on

Your legacy to CDCH is gifting life to the hundreds of animals that come through our doors in desperate need of care, warmth, and safety.


Did you know that 1 in 5 animals here at the centre are helped by gifts in Wills alone.


Your gift provides vulnerable animals with all the love and care they need to grow and heal before going on and finding their forever homes.

That is why we have made the Free Wills process nice and easy for you and teamed up with The GoodWill Partnership and FreeWills.

“Writing a Will is the only way you can guarantee how your assets are shared amongst your family and friends. It also lets you decide who should look after any dependants that you leave behind.


If you don’t have a valid Will, the courts may take these decisions for you. People often assume that their spouse or partner will be the main beneficiary of their estate but the court may decide otherwise. As well as making sure your loved ones are cared for, a professionally written Will can save the beneficiaries of your estate from paying unnecessary tax through careful inheritance tax planning.” 

The Goodwill Partnership

The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home appreciate each and every gift no matter how large or small, even a small percentage of an estate can make a huge difference.


Your donation will help to care for some of the most vulnerable, abused, and sick animals in need, whether they need support from our rehoming centre or veterinary care at one of our clinics, we are always here for them.

For more information on leaving a gift in your Will or to request a legacy brochure:


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Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month

Sam Herniman
February 9, 2024
We are celebrating National Free Wills Month. Giving you the opportunity to complete your Will free of charge...
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