The Future of Animal Welfare

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is a special place in Cambridge, Gloucestershire, that provides care for over 1,000 animals every year, thanks to kind donations and support from people like you.

Together we can protect the future of animal welfare and provide a brighter tomorrow for vulnerable animals by ensuring no animal suffers because of cost.

Fundraising is a fantastic way for children and teens to develop essential life skills while having fun and giving back to their community through exciting fundraising activities.

Fundraising is often seen as an activity for adults, but there are countless reasons why children should get involved.


Not only does fundraising provide an opportunity for children to develop important life skills, but it also teaches them the value of giving back to their community. 

Children can learn about setting goals, working as a team, communicating effectively, and solving problems creatively.

It’s an enjoyable and rewarding experience that helps them grow and make a positive impact!

Instead of charging your teen rent

Consider encouraging them to donate the equivalent amount to charity.


Donate some pocket money

Consider encouraging your child or teen to donate some of their allowance/ pocket money to charity each month.

Fundraise or take part in our Junior Fundraising Challenge

Your child or teenager may wish to plan, organise and hold their own fundraising event.

Here are some reasons why fundraising for CDCH can be rewarding and beneficial to both you and to the animals in our care.

  1. Personal Connection: Charitable giving allows individuals to support causes that resonate with them personally. By donating to a charity, your teen can contribute to a cause they care about deeply.
  2. Making a Difference: Every donation, regardless of its size, matters. We rely etirely on the generosity of people like your teen to carry out their crucial work.

  3. Reducing Stress: Engaging in acts of kindness, such as giving to charity, can reduce stress levels. It activates the brain’s reward center, releasing endorphins and promoting a positive emotional state

  4. Supporting Vulnerable Animals: Our focus is to continue helping hundreds of vulnerable animals who need our support, wether that is here at the centre, through rescue and rehoming or through a community help including low cost Veterinary treatment and out reach clinics.

For more information, or fundraising ideas please email us at:

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