A tiny German Shepherd puppy arrives at CDCH!

Meet Flynn, the adorable German Shepherd puppy found unwanted in a park at just 8 weeks old.


This tiny fluff-ball, weighing just 3kg, was found by a dog warden in a Birmingham park on 7th October.


He was then brought over to The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home and signed into our care.


He was suffering with some abdominal pain and his back was covered in scabby wounds due to an untreated skin condition. He is now having treatment for this and is now feeling much better.

He is a typical bright and bouncy puppy, who has been enjoying himself galloping around the CDCH office


looking for things to chew, and any other mischief he can get up to!!


He’s very active and more than a little cheeky, so we will be looking for a home with experienced owners who can keep him busy and continue his training and socialisation.


The care of puppies like Flynn come at a huge cost to The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.

We provide their food, equipment and medical care and also ensure that they receive flea and worming treatment, and are microchipped, before they can go off to their new homes. We also cover the cost of neutering them, once they are old enough.


Please will you help us to cover the cost of Flynn’s care, whilst he is with us?

This pup has had an awful start to life, but we are determined to show him the love and care he deserves.


To donate for his care, please click HERE


You will receive a sponsor pack in the post, then regular updates from Flynn via email!

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