An update on Alexandria!

You may recognise Alexandria, who was rescued at the end of November 2021.
She needed urgent medical attention, as she had a disfigured jaw, issues with her left eye, and was also very underweight.


She spent a few days at the emergency vets having tests and x-rays, and we found out that she had most likely suffered a trauma to her face, causing the blindness in her left eye and also resulting in a broken jaw. This would have made it very difficult for her to eat, which is likely to be why she was anaemic and underweight

Under vet advice, due to the break being unusual, it was decided that the best thing to do to make her more comfortable would be to operate to remove several teeth and some of the bone in her jaw.


We set up a fundraiser on our Facebook page, to raise the money needed for this operation. Our supporters were very generous, and we soon reached our target. So thank you to everyone who donated!

We needed her to gain a little weight, before undergoing surgery. We therefore appealed for a foster a home where she could receive lots of love and care and have someone to keep an eye on her to make sure that she was eating enough.


A lovely home was found, and Alexandria immediately made herself at home. Her fosterer said:

‘She has settled in well. Downstairs she is already sitting on laps and made herself comfy in her 'own' chair in less than 24 hours! She slept on the bed with us in less than 48. She is eating well. Toileting all good. She is well behaved and knows what 'no' means. A very sweet girl!’

 On Monday (17th January), Alexandria went back into the vets for her operation. The dental involved having 5 teeth removed, and some of the bone in her jaw scaled away. Her jaw now lines up much better, and we hope that this will now make eating much easier and more comfortable for her.


Once she has recovered from the surgery, we will be able to start looking for a forever home for this brave girl.


If you would like to sponsor Alexandria, or one of our other residents, you can do so here 

It is a great way to support The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home, and you’ll get regular updates from your animal, to let you know how they are getting on!

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