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Since 1938, CDCH has been dedicated to offering compassionate care and support to vulnerable animals in our community. Many of the challenges confronted in those early years persist to this day.


However, through enormous growth and development, the support we can offer animals in need has advanced significantly in both scope and impact.


In September 2016 we proudly opened the doors to our Animal Centre. Our aspiration is for CDCH to be an exemplary facility where every animal in our care receives the treatment and support it needs to ensure it is happy, healthy and free from stress and suffering.


Since opening, we have seen hundreds of animals pass through our doors on their journey to lives with wonderful, loving families.


Our work at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home focuses on three key areas

-Ensuring that no vulnerable animal in our community is without a safe space

-Ensuring that no animal is left to suffer because of a lack of funds

-Working within the local community to prevent suffering and cruelty


Our affiliation to the RSPCA and our work with the RSPCA Inspectors means that we deal with the worst cases of neglect, abuse and cruelty.


Sadly, many of the animals that come into our care are in extremely poor health having suffered sustained abuse and neglect and need extensive veterinary support.


We never get used to seeing an animal like Skippy come into our care, but, we exist to ensure that Skippy and every animal like him is given every chance of living a happy, healthy life.

Our Vision & Mission

We are committed to preventing cruelty and suffering to animals who have no voice and we will ensure that every vulnerable animal in our community has a safe place.

We treat every animal in our care with compassion and dignity and find them a wonderful, loving family who will change their world forever.

Key Information

-We are affiliated to the National RSPCA and support their work to prevent cruelty and suffering to animals
-We have a paid team of 50 working across income generation and animal welfare
-We have seven retail outlets within Gloucestershire
-We generate our funding from within our local community and receive no statutory funding from the national RSPCA or government
-We have an annual turnover of £2.2m

Skippy’s Story

Our little Skippy was around 9 weeks old when he was found, dumped like rubbish in a skip.


Skippy had several health issues. The most concerning was his eyesight; one of his eyes was completely deformed and had no sight and the other had a very severe
bacterial infection.


Skippy needed support from a veterinary eye specialist who was confident we could save his infected eye.


Skippy was given around the clock care with eye drops being administered every two hours by a nursing team. Skippy made a super recovery and is now living his best life with his new family.

Supporting our the Community

We don’t want to see animals suffering from neglect because of cost.​ A significant aspect of our work involves providing crucial support to animals within our community that are cherished members of families on low income.


We run a subsidised clinic each week. These pets are treated for conditions such as flea allergies and eye infections which left untreated could lead to more significant health issues. We also support pets who have more serious conditions, give access to low-cost prescriptions and help with end-of-life care.


We run a reduced-fee neutering scheme, again for animals belonging to families on low incomes. This helps prevent unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.


Noah's Story

Noah was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors after he was reported to be stranded and chained to his kennel during the floods.


Sadly, Noah was found to have a broken hip and at least one hairline fracture. He underwent surgery with a strict physio plan in place.

After an appeal to our supporters to cover these extra costs, Noah also received 10 sessions of hydrotherapy.


He took to his treatment well and this is a big step towards his recovery.

He has now found his forever home after many months of recovery. His forever family are committed to Noah’s wellbeing and he continues to have regular physiotherapy.

CDCH rescue and rehabilitate many animals like Noah.

Witnessing the transformative impact that love and care can have on their lives is the most rewarding aspect of the work we do.

Barbossa’s Story

barbossa one eye cat black

Barbossa came to us as a stray and was estimated to be around 3 years old.
Upon further examination, our vet noticed that the side of his face was swollen and his eye was protruding. The only way to treat his eye, so he would be free from discomfort was to remove it completely.


After surgery, Barbossa settled in quickly and it wasn’t long until he was making an impression on our cattery team.  He made it clear when he had had enough so we soon worked out who was in charge and nicknamed him ‘the captain’! Barbossa was still in need of a major dental so once he had recovered from his eye surgery he was booked in to have some teeth removed.


Barbossa was with us for over 2 months before he found his perfect match and he is now enjoying the high life in his new home.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is fully engaged and committed to ensuring the charity has a long-term sustainable future, that it is well governed and meets all of its charitable objectives.

The Board currently consists of the Chair and five Trustees. Trustees, based on their breadth of knowledge and experience, are responsible for setting the long-term vision, strategy and charitable outcomes of the organisation, approving the plans and budgets for achieving them and monitoring performance against them.

The Board is responsible for the financial health of the charity and for overseeing its affairs to ensure that its charitable status is maintained. The Board has delegated responsibility for the day-to-day operational management of the charity to an operational management team.

The Board works through monthly Board Meetings and through ad hoc meetings when necessary.

How to apply

If you are up for a challenge and would like to apply, please follow the link below. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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