Can you help CDCH carry out further checks for our residents?

Here at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, we are lucky enough to have our very own vet suite. This is a huge benefit to the centre. We can carry out regular health checks, neuter our residents and much more, all on site! Our fantastic vet, Mo, carries out all the vet visits and operations. This ensures less stress for the residents as we don’t have to take them anywhere and they have a regular face that sees them. Not only this, but it is much more cost-effective to have our own equipment.

We currently don’t have an ultrasound machine which means we have to take residents to a local practice which can cost hundreds of pounds just for 1 scan!


A very kind friend of CDCH has offered us a fantastic machine at a fraction of the normal price to us for just £750. This means that after just a few scans, this machine would have paid for itself.


Ultrasound machines send sound waves into the body that are reflected back to a probe and interpreted by a computer. It is non-invasive, safe and doesn’t require anaesthesia. There are no side effects, and it allows real-time imaging of internal organs and tissues.

There are many uses of ultrasound in veterinary medicine. It allows vets to diagnose a range of conditions. Pregnancy can be confirmed and foetuses can be monitored but there are many more uses too – for example, determining problems with the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, urinary bladder, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, lymph nodes and blood vessels. It can also be used for detecting intestinal foreign bodies, and examining the back of the eye. Ultrasound of the heart (an echocardiogram) helps assess cardiac function and helps diagnose heart conditions.


Additionally, ultrasound can also assist in biopsies of organs or masses, and helpful when obtaining a urine sample from the bladder (cystocentesis).


Can you help us by donating in order for us to purchase vital machine to help the care of our residents? We need to raise £750 in order to purchase. This is an additional cost, one we didn’t plan for but one that, in the long run, will save us lots of money by having our own!

You can help us better our services and provide a higher level of care to our residents!


Any amount raised over the £750 needed will help with other medical costs of our residents.


Thank you so much for your support.

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