Can you help little Timmy?

Meet Timmy, the 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Timmy came into our care with his furry friend, Pixie. They are a wonderful duo and love each other’s company.

Soon after arriving in our care at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, we noticed Timmy was struggling with a few things. Whilst walking, he struggled on his back legs, causing him to drag them behind him from time to time. His teeth were also decaying and were in need of some treatment.


When Timmy first arrived with us he was shy and a little timid, however, it hasn’t taken him long to show us his cheeky and sassy personality. He loves to play with toys and interact with his favourite human friends here at CDCH. He will let you know if playtime isn’t over with a cute little play bow and bark! How could we resist?

After an initial visit with Mo, Veterinarian, she felt that Timmy’s heart needed a scan to find out what was going on. We knew, from Timmy’s health history, that he had a previous heart condition before he arrived in our care.


He also has dental disease and luxating patellae and osteoarthritis. This would explain why he was dragging his legs. For now, due to his age and ability, Timmy is on Galliprant which is for the relief of pain and inflammation. We won’t carry out his dental until he has had the heart scan to ensure there is no underlying heart disease.

The heart scan, dental, other investigations, and medications we expect a cost of upwards of £1,400.


Can you help us make Timmy more comfortable and get him on the road to recovery?


If you can, please DONATE. No donation is too small, we value all the support.


Please help us help Timmy.


Thank you, from CDCH, for your kind support.

Timmys best friend, Pixie.

If we raise enough to cover Timmys medical costs, any additional funds raised will help support other animals at our rehoming centre in Gloucestershire.

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