Can you help Moose with his cancer treatment?



Unfortunately, we have a very sad case with an urgent plea to our supporters.


Meet Moose. The very handsome but very poorly American Bulldog. Moose was rescued by the RSPCA and bought into our care. The reason for his condition is currently under investigation with the RSPCA, but all we can do is make sure he receives the love and care he deserves now.


He was rushed to an emergency vet as he was clearly in a bad way. Moose is incredibly emaciated, probably the worst we have seen, and has visible masses on his head and body. His coat was dirty and stained brown on his paws. This poor lad needed not only emergency medical treatment, but some love and care too.

Moose spent some time with Vale Vets in Dursley for treatment and extensive tests. The results came back as feared, his 3 masses were confirmed mast cell tumours but thankfully there is no obvious spread in his abdomen. We are now waiting for results on another mass below his ear.


We now need to get Moose strong and healthily enough to undergo surgery at Vale Vets to remove the masses and lymph nodes if they are also a concern. These masses will then be sent off for further testing.


There is, unfortunately, a huge chance Moose will then need to undergo chemotherapy, depending on the results.


Poor Moose is in such bad condition and is in urgent need of medical attention and care. There is a long way to go but we have every hope of getting this boy healthy and in a new forever home where he can be loved.

Moose is quite a character. He doesn’t let his condition bother him. He loves his food (little and often!) and has a HUGE love for his new favourite toy, a rubber bone! He can’t go for his little walks without it.


When an animal like Moose arrives with us that needs much more medical attention than an average resident, we rely on extra support from our supporters.


If you can, please help Moose receive the cancer treatment he desperately needs. This is where your support helps the most, to show animals the love and care they deserve. It’s never too late to show them that humans can be kind!


Testing and treatment so far has cost £929. His operation is expected to cost £2,000 and then chemotherapy in the region of £4,000.


Can you help?

We need to raise a staggering £7,000 to pay for his treatment. Can you donate to help him? Just a few pounds would really make the world of difference.


Moose is expected to be with us for some time and we expect ongoing veterinary costs to be quite high. Can you SPONSOR Moose whilst he is in our care? You will receive regular updates from him to let you know how he is doing. Sponsoring Moose ensures he receives the care she needs.




In order for Moose to recover, we feel that it will be best for him to be in a foster home until he has had treatment and is healthy enough to find his forever home. We are looking for someone local to the centre to give him all the TLC he deserves.




Something could happen which we haven’t planned for, but we don’t want to think about that and just want to do everything for him to help him on the road to recovery.


Thank you for your support, from Moose and all the team at CDCH – we really couldn’t do it without you.


Anything raised over the amount needed for Moose’s care will go towards the medical costs of other animal friends at the centre.

Anything raised over the amount needed for Moose’s care will go towards the medical costs of other animal friends at the centre.

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