Can you help our little wizard pigs on the road to recovery?

Meet the very majestic Harry, Ron, Malfoy, Neville, George and Fred!

These 6 young male guinea pigs came into our care after they were rescued from a farm setting in poor conditions.

All of the guinea pigs have arrived with us in poor health with swollen feet, alopecia, skin lesions and bite marks over their bodies. It seems the boys have been playing one to many competitive games of Quidditch between them and don’t get on! This is most likely the reason for their skin lesions. Due to this, they have been sent to separate chambers and separated.

The wizard pigs have all loved exploring their new homes and having a munch on anything they can get their little teeth stuck into.. dandelions seem to be a firm favourite!


Harry, Ron, Malfoy, Neville, George and Fred are now on daily medication for their skin issues and they also need new housing, bedding and food! This will come at quite a cost to CDCH and we need your help!

Can you help us raise the estimated £1,200 that it will cost to care for these piggies until it is time to find them their forever home?

Make a donation

To make a donation, please click here. Any donation, big or small, really does help!

Thank you for helping us care for animals like Harry, Ron, Malfoy, Neville, George and Fred – we really couldn’t do it without donations from our supporters.


Any amount raised over the cost needed for the Harry Potter piggies will go towards the costs of other animals at the centre.

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