Can you help support Dip-Dab?

As you may be aware, we have had an influx of kittens needing our support in the last few weeks. Including an extremely poorly kitten named Dip-Dab that urgently needed our help.

Dip-Dab needed emergency veterinary care and was taken straight to our partner veterinary clinic, Vale Vets.


She had a severe flea infestation and was anemic, cold, and very weak. With a temperature of just 33*c the veterinary team needed to act fast if she was to have any chance of survival.


Dip-Dab was placed on a drip, treated for fleas, and given a blood transfusion.


The next 48 hours were going to be crucial for Dip-Dab and the team at CDCH were keeping everything crossed for good news.

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home were not going to give up on this poor kitten and wanted to give Dip-Dab every chance of survival.

Dip-Dab continued to receive intensive veterinary care over the weekend and as her temperature started to regulate, she became brighter and began eating. Things were starting to turn a corner.


We then received the call that we had all been waiting for, Dip-Dab was stable, bright and ready to be discharged.


CDCH welcomed her in to a safe warm bed and with expert care from our cattery and veterinary team, we continue to support her in her recovery.

At just 4 months old, Dip-Dab has already been through so much.


We are so grateful that she found her way to us and that we could offer her the help she needed to survive.

Dip-Dabs lifesaving veterinary treatment has cost in excess of £1000.


Every animal that comes into our care will cost an average of £372 to receive basic veterinary treatment. Sadly, many of the animals, like Dip-Dab will far exceed this amount due to being in very poor health.  

Please give whatever you can to help support Dip-Dab and others just like her who need your help now, more than ever before.

Thank you !

All money raised will be used to go towards animals in need at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home!

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