The gift of a brighter future for Pablo

Pablo is just 4 years old and has already been through so much in his short life.

We are asking for your help to get him back on his paws and on his journey to finding his forever home.

Abandoned as a kitten and brought to us.

Pablo first arrived to us at just a few weeks old, he was one of four tiny, abandoned kittens who all were so vulnerable, had dirty coats, and desperately needed our help.


CDCH ensured Pablo and his litter mates received around-the-clock care, providing them with full tummies, warmth, and safety.

Pablo, like the other kittens from his litter, went on to be rehomed but through no fault of his adopter, Pablo has found himself back with us and needing our help once again.

Once back in our care, it took him a while to decompress and adjust.

After giving him the time and space, he needed to settle, it was noticed that Pablo showed some signs of discomfort.


He was often seen grinding his teeth and showed some reservations about exercise and natural movement.

Pablo received a full health check with our Veterinary Surgeon Mo Fry and upon examination, it was quickly noticed that Pablo has gingivitis.


Gingivitis is inflammation, causing sore, red, and swollen gums and there were also concerns about underlying resorptive dental lesions.

It was clear that Pablo’s mouth was causing him pain and discomfort and he would require a dental procedure and mouth X-Rays to help him feel more comfortable.

The veterinary team feels it would be in Pablo’s best interest to carry out not only dental X-rays to decide whether any teeth need to be extracted, but to also take radiographs of his pelvis and spine at the same time.


This will give us a better understanding of whether there are any underlying concerns and give a fuller picture of his needs going forward.


Pablo has been placed on pain relief to keep him comfortable and is to be booked in for his X-rays.

Pablo’s medical investigations are estimated to cost just over £1000 with the potential to cost us more after investigations are carried out.


With your help, we can give Pablo the gift of a brighter, more comfortable future.


The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is here to ensure no animal suffers because of cost.


We are asking for your support to help Pablo, not only with his upcoming investigation and ongoing medical bills but also to recoup some of the expenses already incurred during his initial vet appointments and medication.

"Pablo came into the centre reserved and scared. He very quickly grew to recognise who his main carers were and since then has become very bonded with his favourite people in the cattery.

He loves to nuzzle into your face and paw at you for attention. He gets very jealous when you are cleaning his pod and not giving him enough attention!

He has also started to show his playful side and has just started to become brave enough to explore the corridor thanks to the great relationship he also has with Lindsay (Animal Care Team).

-Emily Bacon, Animal Care Assistant and Pablo's Best Friend
Thank you!

Vet bills like all our other costs are rising and Pablo is just one of many animals who need our help every day. Anything raised above Pablo’s needs will be used to help animals just like him at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

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