Can you help Winston, the English Bulldog?

Meet Winston! He is a 6-year-old English Bulldog.

English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and other similar types of dogs have short, flat faces and therefore often have narrow nostrils and abnormal windpipes. Flat-faced dogs are called brachycephalic, many of these dogs have breathing difficulties and struggle with exercise.


Unfortunately for Winston, he suffers quite badly from his condition. We have seen a number of similar cases come into us this year, so we know all too well the health problems that come with flat-faced dogs.

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As you can see from the video below, Winston really struggles to breathe comfortably. This is after minimal movement, not even on a walk, in the comfort of the CDCH building. The team is being extra careful with his exercise and enrichment to try not to make the condition worse, but with any bit of movement, Winston is struggling.

Winston desperately needs our help. We plan to carry out BOAS surgery on him. This will open up his airways and drastically improve his breathing. Once he has had this, he will be much more comfortable and start to enjoy walks and playtime.


Can you help us carry out this surgery to help Winston? It’s estimated to be between £600-£800. Any donation, big or small, will really help.


We need to raise between £600-£800 to pay for just the BOAS surgery alone. Can you help us?


Sponsor Winston for as little as £10 a month and be there every step of his journey.

Thank you for helping us help animals like Winston.

WARNING... This video may be distressing to watch.

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