CDCH in desperate need of cat enrichment items

Here at CDCH, our cattery is currently full! We need your help to purchase some new cat enrichment, cat hideouts and cat trees.

Cats can often find life in a cattery quite stressful and hard to adapt to. It is really important that we can provide our cats with equipment and resources that can minimise stress and provide them with opportunities to display natural cat behaviour.


We currently use shelves, bedding and tunnels to create safe hiding spots for the cats in our care. Cats will often sit or sleep in high positions as a form of comfort and protection. Being high up and being able to look down and around makes cats feel safe and secure. Cat towers and scratchers are a great way of providing cats with a sense of safety and a way of allowing the cats in our care to exhibit their natural feline behaviours.


Scratching is vital for cats. Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy, they scratch to exercise and stretch, and they also scratch to create a safe space by using the scent glands in their paws.

Having a supportive and cat friendly environment in our cattery is imperative. Without the correct resources and equipment in our cattery we run the risk of our feline residents experiencing stress, which can often lead to physiological, physical and medical issues.

The scratching towers and hidey beds we have in our CDCH cattery are very well used, very well loved and most have seen better days. All our equipment is cleaned and disinfected regularly so easy to clean beds and towers are a must. For a cat to be truly happy and comfortable in a cattery – the environment is key.

Therefore having this new equipment will enrich the lives of our cats and make their stay with us as stress free as possible.  

We would like to raise £1,000 to be able to purchase a new hide out or cat tower for each of our 18 cat pods here at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home. Can you help.

  • £10 will help provide some cat enrichment toys
  • £25 will help pay for a cat hideout
  • £45 will help pay for a cat tower

You can also choose to donate an amount of your choice, big or small, it really helps!

Thank you for your support and for making our feline residents stay with us as comfortable as possible!

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