CDCH Rehoming Roundup 2023

We are sharing happy stories to spread the joy of rehoming.

This Christmas, we are reflecting on our successful rehoming stories from 2023.


We are sharing five stories about past CDCH residents and we have caught up with their adopters to share their happy stories with you.


Josie arrived at our centre as a stray, with very little known about her history. Although she struggled with the stress of kennel life, she proved to her carers what a loving and intelligent girl she is.


Josie stayed with us for four months before finding her forever family and she is settling in well, enjoying all the home comforts she deserves.

Her family works hard to ensure Josie is settling in at her own pace and carries out lots of training with her to help her cope with daily stressors.


Watching her develop and flourish into a wonderful dog is the most rewarding part of the adoption process.

Pearl & Priscilla

This beautiful pair spent three months in our care before finding their forever home.


Pearl and Priscilla were in a very sorry state, riddled with parasites, eye infections, and very matted coats.


In addition, Pearl had a fractured hip that had been left untreated. She underwent surgery to correct the hip and is now able to lead a much more comfortable life, free from pain.


She can often be found sprinting around the garden with her sister. These gorgeous cats stayed in our care for 3 months before finding a wonderful new home.


Copper is a wonderful boy who was in our care, for almost one year. He was abandoned and found certain experiences stressful. He struggled to remain calm in the presence of other dogs and became over-aroused.


He was offered lots of training with his dedicated carers to help him overcome these challenges before going on to his forever home.

His adopters took all of Copper’s training in their stride and provided Copper with a loving environment in which he could thrive. He has now even made a new four-legged best friend and is loving life with his family.


Lennie came to us from a very busy household and found life a little overwhelming. He was a little bundle of energy and loved leaping around his outdoor run and playing in the sun.


He is extremely well-loved and has made his new companion, Lily, a very happy bunny. They can often be found snuggled up together in the home or running around the garden.


Luna arrived at our centre from a very overwhelming multi cat household and took some time settling in. She was a little shy and enjoyed the quiet comforts of cattery life.  She stayed with us for four months before finding her forever home.


Her adopters were told she may not be a lap cat, and could take time settling in. Luna soon showed us all just how comfy she was and took no time at all to create her favourite spot on the laps of her loving family.

We would love you to join the club and share stories and photos from animals you have adopted from CDCH, please search ‘CDCH Adopters Club’ on Facebook.

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