Christmas at CDCH

We are here for animals in need 365 days a year!

Come rain or shine, bank holidays, birthdays and Christmas we will always be here to look after our animals.

Our dedicated animal care team put the health and welfare of the animals above all else and work through many holidays that are enjoyed by all.


Christmas is like any other day of the year and we have to ensure all of our animals are being fed, exercised and cared for. The animals are given extra special treatment and Santa even pays them a visit! 

Adopting at Christmas time

At CDCH we believe adopting an animal is a very rewarding, fulfilling and, sometimes challenging experience.


While we facilitate animal rehoming every day of the year, we refrain from promoting animals as ‘gifts’. Although rehoming tends to slow down over Christmas, the team is still working hard to find wonderful homes for all the animals.

Adopting a rescue demands considerable patience and empathy. 


We are proud to offer an adoption process that is thorough and prioritises our animals and your well-being. 


We collaborate closely with you, ensuring unwavering support throughout every stage of this journey.

Giving the animals the best Christmas Day EVER!

Christmas Day is often filled with family, good food and festive fun so we make sure that is just the case here at CDCH.


The festivities include opening presents from Santa, playing with toys and enjoying tasty treats (and that’s just the animals!)


Our team make the most of their day and have fun with each other and our animals. 

Want to help us spread Christmas cheer?

Every Christmas Eve, Santa Paws likes to visit the centre and leave a box of goodies outside the kennels and cattery pods ready for the animals to open on the big day.


Help us spread Christmas cheer by donating a shoebox today. You can also donate a virtual shoebox and we will fill it for you! 

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