Foster a dog, cat or small furry for The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home

CDCH foster carers are incredible people, who provide loving foster homes for the animals that need us the most!

CDCH foster carers are incredible people, who provide loving foster homes for the animals that need us the most!

As a rescue working in the community, we have seen a large increase in the number of animals needing our help, and we are not alone. Rescue centres all across the UK are struggling to make space for the number of animals being neglected, abandoned or abused.


Our mission is to ensure that animals needing our support, have got a safe space to be. Therefore, we are launching a fostering campaign! We are searching for like-minded animal lovers, who can help us in our efforts.

In 2023, the RSPCA has reported a 24% increase in the number of pets abandoned.


There has also been a whopping 72% rise in the number of households with pets, searching how to give up their animal.

Would you consider opening your home (and heart) to a rescue animal? 

If so, join the CDCH Foster Network! 

"I placed my puppy into the care of the team at the Cotswold Dogs & Cats home when I had to flee my home to enter a women's refuge.
I was reassured her care needs would be met, and one weight was lifted from my shoulders instantly."

Pet Retreat Client

The benefits of fostering to you and your family:

  • Invaluable experience in caring for an animal — not to mention all the love and joy they will bring into your life!
  • Hugely rewarding! Fostering helps the most vulnerable animals get back on their paws. Being in foster care, allows animals to experience the comforts of a loving home environment during a difficult transition.
  • It’s not a long term commitment. Perfect if you are unable to take in an animal long term, due to other priorities or financial concerns.
  • You will be part of the CDCH community! The rehoming team provides unparalleled expert support to our fosterers. 

Why choose to foster with The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home?

Fostering with us, means you will be helping some of the most vulnerable animals and their families. 

With your help, we can offer a safe space to the most vulnerable animals in our community. These might be dogs, cats and small furries: 


-Brought to us by the RSPCA. These are often animals who have suffered abandonment, neglect or abuse. 


-Whose families are going through life-changing events meaning they are temporarily unable to care for their pet.

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