Dogs are for life!

As the old saying goes: a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. And if you’re lucky enough to be welcoming a furry friend this festive season, or if you have plans to give a dog a home in 2022, there are many reasons why you’ll want to hold onto them long after the decorations have come down.


Dogs make loyal, loving companions who can improve your lives in countless ways. But did you know:


…they are proven to reduce stress?


Research has shown that petting a dog releases endorphins in the brain which lead to increased happiness and lower stress levels. Spending time with your dog can also be a great way to unwind and relax, and it’s been proven that dog owners are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.


…they can help you stay fit and healthy?


Daily dog walks are a great way to get your steps in, and while your dog is enjoying socialising, you’ll get all the fresh air you need. If running is more your thing, certain higher energy dog breeds make great jogging partners!

…they’re a great way to meet people?

Owning a dog means you are bound to come into contact with lots of like minded people — whether that’s on walks, in obedience classes, or at your local vet. Plus you’ll always have something to talk about!


…they can make a good home great?

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a warm welcome from your furry friend, and your house will never feel empty with that happy reunion to look forward to. Having a dog can also make your home feel safer – their incredible hearing means they’ll often let you know when they hear a strange sound or if something is wrong.

…they’re great for families


If you have children, owning a dog is a great way to teach them about caring for others, and will help them learn to be more responsible and compassionate. Plus dogs are great playmates – there will never be another dull moment with your new companion around!


And if you are looking to open your home to a new pet, why not get in touch with us or another local shelter? Here are a few more reasons why you sound consider giving a rescue dog a home:


You could be saving more than one life

Rehoming a dog is a great way to give a loving pup a new start in life, especially if their previous circumstances weren’t great. In fact, you could actually be saving more than one life – by adopting, you’re freeing up space and facilities for another animal in need, and giving them the opportunity to become beloved pets. You can also do your bit by spreading the word – telling friends and family about your wonderful new rescue dog may mean they consider adopting their next dog too!

It’s more ethical

While there are loads of great breeders out there, unfortunately there are lots of questionable ones too, and it’s very hard to know whether you’re buying a dog from a trustworthy source. The high cost of pure-breed dogs have also led to an increase in dog theft and illegal puppy farms in recent years, so the best way to ensure you’re not contributing to any of these issues is to rehome a dog from a reputable rescue centre.

It’s more affordable

Getting a dog can be expensive, and going forward you’ll need to factor in everything from food and toys, to vet bills and vaccinations, to your budget.

Buying a dog can cost thousands of pounds, so it’s much more cost effective to rehome a dog from a local shelter. Our £300 rehoming fee means your new dog will come to you with up-to-date vaccinations, spayed or neutered, treated for worms and fleas, and microchipped — plus you’ll know that money is supporting vital charity work.


You’ll know they’re a good fit

The first step in our adoption process is asking potential owners to fill out a perfect match form, which asks for information about your lifestyle and living situation. This ensures we are able to select new families that are perfectly suited for our dogs, setting both parties up for a long and happy life together. If you adopt an adult dog, you’ll also be able to make a more educated decision on whether their breed, temperament and size suit what you’re looking for — which isn’t always guaranteed with pups.

There are other benefits to adopting an older dog too. While puppies are cute, they also require a lot of care, training, and attention — meanwhile, we have some wonderful full grown dogs ready to slot straight into your home!

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