Emergency appeal for Sully

We urgently need your support as little Sully has been admitted in to the emergency veterinary hospital.

Sully, the tiny Staffordshire Bull Terrier arrived to us aged 4 months old and weighing just 4.9kg. He had diarrhoea, was considerably underweight, weak, and immediately showed signs of poor health.


CDCH provided Sully with a warm bed, a safe space, and he received a full health examination by a local veterinary practice who straight away began tests for Parvo Virus and Giardia.  He also had blood tests to check for any underlying metabolic issues.


Parvo and Giardia are extremely serious conditions for such a young pup and a worrying time for little Sully’s recovery. Sully tested positive for Giardia and he was immediately placed on barrier nursing care and medication; however, he was not out of the woods yet and is still a very poorly pup.

Sully had several episodes of hemorrhagic diarrhoea and the team worked around the clock caring for him and deep cleaning his kennel to ensure he always had a clean dry bed to rest on.


Sully had to be isolated in a separate kennel block to stop the risk of infection to other dogs and the staff needed to be extra careful and ensure they wore protective clothing when spending time with him as his condition is zoonotic and posed a risk to humans as well as other animals.  

As always, the CDCH animal care team put Sully first and using all the correct PPE ensured he still received all the love and care he had longed for.

Sadly despite Sully’s treatment plan and care he was still extremely weak and poorly.  

He lost his appetite and became very unwell. Sully needed to be admitted to the emergency veterinary hospital.


Sully spent the next 24 hours receiving fluids and treatment at Vale Vets.

After Sully’s time at the vets, he returned to us and began to pick up, he gained a little weight and started to show his cheeky personality.


Sully loved nothing more than to snuggle with the team. Finally, we got the news that we had been waiting for Sully tested negative for Giardia.

This meant although Sully was still not completely better, he was no longer a risk to other animals or humans, so we could begin the process of finding Sully a foster home to increase his socialisation which is vital for such a young pup.

Once again sadly things did not stay positive for long. 


Sully has been suffering another flare-up of diarrhoea which has resulted in once again him being admitted to the emergency veterinary hospital for fluids and treatment.


 He has been started on a special hydrolysed protein food trial, vitamin B12 supplements, and probiotics for the next 4-6 weeks.

Sully’s treatment has already cost CDCH over £2000 and we have an estimated that this will be at least doubled to around £4000 in total to cover all the care of Sully.


Including his upcoming bills from his current stay at the veterinary hospital, medication, specialist diet and further investigations.

Once Sully is strong enough, to come home from the veterinary hospital, CDCH will continue to look for a foster home where we will continue to support Sully for as long as it takes to get him better and find his happy ever after.  


Sully will require a dedicated foster home that lives locally to the centre and is happy to work together to meet the medical needs of poor Sully and provide him with the bright future he deserves.  

With your help, we can give Sully the gift of a brighter, more comfortable future.

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is here to ensure no animal suffers because of cost.


We are appealing for your support to help Sully, not only with his upcoming investigation and ongoing medical bills but also to recoup some of the expenses already incurred during his emergency stays at the veterinary hospital and his high food bills and medication.

Thank you!

Vet bills like all our other costs are rising and Sully is just one of many animals who need our help every day. Anything raised above Sully’s needs will be used to help animals just like him at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

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