Help CDCH by giving a regular gift of just £3 per month

When you set up a regular gift for as little as £3 per month, you can be a part of incredible transformations taking rescued dogs, cats and small furries from their most vulnerable to the happiest, healthiest and the most loved they have ever felt.
Supporting us monthly allows us to plan ahead and continue to be here for the future of animals in need.
The cost-of-living crisis is affecting how dome of us take care of our pets.
This chart demonstrates some of the changes in people’s behaviour since last year as a result of financial pressure. 
Including a 72% increase in people looking up information on rehoming their pets!
Waiting lists are growing and together we can be there to help!
RSPCA, The Animal Kindness Index 2023

Cara arrived at CDCH in an extremely poor state, she was malnourished and terribly underweight.

Poor Cara was only 9 months old and she had been forced to live most of her life outside, cold, exposed, and frightened. Cara had been cruelly treated and extremely underfed, she went without a warm bed and the love she so desperately wanted and deserved.

During her time here at CDCH the animal care team worked hard to build her back up both mentally and physically. They created a strict feeding plan and taught her to trust humans again, before searching out her perfect match in her new family. It is so nice to see that she has settled into family life, playing with toys and having a sofa to call her own forever.

All of this is thanks to supporters like you. We can’t help animals on our own, but together, as a community, we can.

Can you help us be there for animals in need by setting up a regular donation of just £3 per month.

Setting up a regular donation is quick and simple and can be cancelled at any time.

At the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home we have been providing care and support to vulnerable animals in our community for over 80 years. 

We work across Gloucestershire and support over 1000 animals each year living in our community But this is only possible with the generosity of people like you. We are independently funded and rely completely upon supporters to fund our vital services – so please start your monthly gift today and play a vital role in saving animals’ lives.

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