Help find Peppa her forever home!

Peppa has been with The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home for 100 days, waiting to find her forever home.

Peppa came into our care via the RPSCA with her brother, George. Both Peppa and George were very nervous when they first came in so we knew from the start they were going to need lots of time and patience to gain their trust. 

George has found his forever home and now it’s time Peppa finds hers! 

Lauren, Peppa’s best friend here at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, has loved getting to know Peppa and providing her the best love and care possible. Lauren knows how important it is to find Peppa’s forever home as soon as possible so she can settle into her new life.

We caught up with Lauren to talk all things Peppa!

When Peppa first arrived

‘Peppa was nervous of everything as she lived a very sheltered life before coming into the centre.’


‘One of my most memorable moments with Peppa was when I had her in a paddock and she slowly approached me then stood on my lap and licked my face. This was the first time I felt the bond between us. It took a while for her to trust us completely but each day she came out of her shell and her cheeky, loving personality shone through.’


‘During Peppa’s assessment, we found out she was reactive to certain things. We knew we had to build up her confidence and trust.’

Peppas time at CDCH

‘Peppa has improved so much since coming into the centre. She can walk past strangers and dogs without reacting. Even when she does react it is a lot easier to distract her.’


‘Peppa is a people pleaser and will do anything to make you happy. She is such a pleasure to work with as you can see the progress she’s made. She loves her food (especially hot dogs) which makes training easy!’


‘She has made many human and dog friends whilst being at the centre. She is so trusting of her handlers and will look for confidence in us when she is unsure of a situation.’ 

‘Peppa enjoys the majority of activities outside of her kennel. Her favourite things to do are cuddling up on the sofa and playing with tug toys! From our first training session, Peppa thoroughly enjoyed obedience and scent training. She’s learnt many tricks such as ‘down’, ‘paw’ and ‘middle’.’


‘She loves going on long walks with her doggy friends and tries to play with them throughout the walk.’

Peppas perfect home

‘Peppa is looking for a home who have the patience and time to continue her on-going training.’

‘Ideally, the home will be in a rural location, which gives her the space to gain confidence.’

‘She will need to be the only pet.’

‘Peppa requires someone that is home most of the time as she loves human company.’

‘Peppa will need someone understanding and patient to help her gain her confidence.’

‘When Peppa finds her forever home I will be extremely happy that she’ll finally get all the love and attention she deserves. She has progressed so much in the time she’s been here which has been a pleasure to see.’


‘I will miss her so much and will definitely have a tear or two when she goes! She has taught me so much and I am very grateful for being able to work with such an amazing dog. Whoever gets to adopt her will be very lucky to have such a loving and intelligent dog.’

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