Milo’s Happily Ever After

When 6-year-old Milo came to us he was incredibly nervous and showed fear behaviours towards new people and other dogs. He came to us matted and in a sorry state after being neglected for some time, having spent his whole life in a cage. After some TLC and veterinary care, he was already much happier.


Milo came to us at the end of July this year and has since made great improvements, forming bonds with his carers and noticeably looking more comfortable in his surroundings. He started to interact and play with people which allowed his cheeky personality to shine through. That being said, Milo still has a way to go with some of his challenging behaviours so he waited a bit longer for the right match to come along.

Milo has shown resource guarding behaviours over items he values, he can also still be sensitive to human touch. This then causes a fear reaction if he’s not comfortable so handling will need to be taken slowly and at Milo’s pace. His new owners had to be very understanding of his past and willing to be able to carry on his training.

We were so pleased when Milo found a special home in time for Christmas. A home where he can enjoy off-lead play time, lovely walks, and all the fuss from his favourite humans.

Here is what his new owners had to report:

First 24 hours:


Not a peep out of Milo on the journey home and a wriggle but no grizzlies lifting him out of the car. He has loved exploring the garden and his new home. Settled well last night and only woke at 8 when he heard me get up. We took him to the Woods this morning, no problem lifting in and out of the car, had a bark at one man but saw others in the distance and ignored them, too busy mooching and peeing. Been for a walk along the roads this afternoon and he only barked at a delivery man and van, took no notice of other vehicles and a couple of people he saw on driveways. He is doing so well. Let Lily know he loves the toothbrush she told us about as you can see from the video, doggy toothpaste, plaque remover and pate. He looks a bit damp as had gone on the pond but got himself out easily and let me stroke him with a towel after zoomies around the garden drying himself off. As you can see from the photo he is starting to relax here and switch off. We know it won’t always go so well but what a great start to our lives together.

First Week:


He is making great progress, much better than we expected. Mouthing is usually only when he is excited and stops readily when told no and hands are hidden. His reactivity to people he sees is lessening, particularly if they have a dog, which we then follow at a distance for a while if the dog is calm and confident and he owner is agreeable. Even if they have no dog he doesn’t bark for as long or as anxiously as he used to and moves on fairly happily with less looking back to see where they are. He hasn’t got as worked up by strangers and no separation anxiety – we have built up to to hours today, leaving him with a kong and a little bit of pate smeared inside. When we came home he was happy to see us but calm.

He is an amazing dog, we are so lucky and glad he chose us! He really has done you and his other carers at CDCH proud 😊

We are so please with Milo’s progress and we couldn’t be happier for him. If you would like to help support animals like Milo waiting for their perfect match you can make a donation by CLICKING HERE


You can also sponsor animals like Milo who have been in our care for a longer time by CLICKING HERE

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