Dogs wearing muzzles are often portrayed as angry, aggressive dogs by the media which has resulted in many people being cautious of or even shaming dogs that wear a muzzle.


Muzzles should be seen as a common and excellent training tool which are used for many different reasons – and not just an accessory that means ‘the dog bites’.


A dog may be muzzle trained because it has a tendency to pick up items it shouldn’t have like rubbish which could be potentially harmful to the dog or it may be a menace poo-eater!

Another reason could be that the dog is uncomfortable in the presence of other dogs, other animals or strangers so to be a responsible owner they have fitted their dog with a muzzle to keep the dog and everything else around that dog safe while still enjoying the activities we all have the freedom of doing with our dogs.


Remember if you see a muzzled dog there’s a responsible dog owner at the other end of the lead!

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