Poor puppy found dumped in a bin

Meet the tiny 8-week-old Cocker Spaniel, Winnie.

Winnie was found dumped in a bin by Dunelm in Gloucester by a kind passer-by and taken straight to the vets.


Her elbow was fused at an angle meaning she was unable to walk on her front leg. Unfortunately, we assume this is the reason she was dumped. It’s likely the previous owner couldn’t afford her care so decided to abandon her when she needed help. The RSPCA is currently appealing for any information.

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Winnie is so lovely, she is very friendly and is already learning new tricks with her foster Mum, Ebony, who is also a Senior Animal Care Assistant at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

Unfortunately, poor Winnie has congenital elbow dislocation with fusion. Meaning there is nothing more we can do but remove her leg and rehabilitate her with physiotherapy and possible hydrotherapy. As she is still so small, we have to wait at least another 15 weeks before we are able to carry out this operation. So for now, we are just managing her as she is and making sure she is comfortable, happy, and well-loved. This could have happened at birth and left untreated or could have happened a few weeks ago. All we know is that it’s an old injury due to the bone now being fused.

Winnie should make a full recovery and live a very normal, happy life as a dog with 3 legs.


Can you help us treat this beautiful girl and ensure she has the best possible start to her second life, something she should have had right from the start?

Can you help Winnie?

Her vet costs including Xrays have already cost hundreds of pounds and the operation is expected to cost around £1,500.


Her physiotherapy and hydrotherapy could be much more but we won’t know this until the time comes.

Any donation, big or small, will really help. Just click the button below to donate. Even the cost of a coffee – it all helps.

Can you sponsor Winnie?

Winnie will be with us for some time whilst she has treatment and recovers.


Can you sponsor Winnie for as little as £10 a month to help with her ongoing costs.


You will receive regular updates from Winnie as well as a welcome pack.


Sponsor Winnie using the link below.

Thank you for supporting vulnerable animals and ensuring animals like Winnie know that most humans are loving and caring.

Winnie isn’t currently looking for her forever home so we are not accepting applications at this time.


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cotswolds dogs & cats home

Please note, all money raised will first be used on whatever treatment and care Winnie needs. Any additional funds will go towards other animals at the centre.

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