SWIPE RIGHT for a rescue animal this Valentines Day!

This Valentines Day, do something a bit different, swipe right for a lonely heart that needs your sponsorship!

Valentines Day is the perfect day to show loved ones how much they mean to you. All animal lovers know that Valentines isn’t just for your partners, but for your pets too! 

This Valentines Day, we have some gorgeous residents that need a little extra love. For one reason or another, these animals are our most ‘in need’ residents. Can you SWIPE RIGHT and sponsor a resident that needs some TLC? Open your heart to a rescue animal at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

Your sponsorship would mean that these animals will receive all the love and care they need until they find their forever home. You’ll receive a welcome pack from your chosen sponsor animal as well as regular updates.

Will you be my Valentine?

Meet Moose. The very handsome American Bulldog.


Moose was rescued by the RSPCA and bought into our care. The reason for his condition is currently under investigation with the RSPCA.


Moose was incredibly emaciated, probably the worst we have seen, and has visible masses on his head and body. His coat was dirty and stained brown on his paws. This poor lad needed not only emergency medical treatment, but some love and care too.


Mooses masses were found to be cancerous. He has now undergone an operation to remove the masses and is recovering really well in a wonderful foster home.


Moose is expected to be in our care for some time whilst he undergoes treatment and recovery.


Your sponsorship will ensure he receives all the treatment, love and care he deserves. 


Open your heart to Moose and sponsor him now!

Meet Alexandria, the beautiful cat that came into our care needing some TLC.


When Alexandria was rescued it was clear she needed to receive medical attention as soon as possible. She had what appeared to be a broken jaw, issues with her left eye, and was very underweight.


After spending a few days at the emergency vets for tests, x-rays, and lots of love and attention – we found out that she most likely suffered trauma to her face resulting in a broken jaw and blind in her left eye. It is unclear as to when she suffered this trauma as it looks to be an old injury. This is most likely why she was anaemic and underweight – her broken jaw would have made it very difficult to eat.


She has since undergone major surgery to help her close her jaw with ease and to enable her to eat much more comfortably. 


Alexandria is recovering really well in her lovely foster home but is expected to be with us for some time whilst she recovers.



Meet Hades, the adorable, cheeky Labrador Retriever!


Hades has been looking for his forever home for some time. He has been at the centre for a staggering 166 days, this is over 5 times the average residents stay.


On arrival at the centre, Hades was very under socialised, therefore quite fearful of new environments and noises, but he has been a brave boy and come such a long way since, now walking confidently on lead and dealing with busier areas like a trooper. It’s exciting to see his improvement in such a short time and he will only continue to flourish in an understanding and loving home environment.


Hades has developed great relationships with staff here at the centre, who all enjoy spending time with him where his slightly boisterous but playful personality has shone through! 


Your sponsorship will enable Hades to continue his search for his forever home.

Meet Edith, our gorgeous, golden oldie Yorkshire Terrier!


This tiny Yorkie girl was abandoned in a cat carrier, before being brought to the safety of The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.
She was severely underweight, weighing just 1.2kg.
We have since discovered that she has diabetes, so she is on a special diet and has to have regular insulin injections
She is, putting on weight slowly and has reached 2.9kg, but still has a way to go. Her coat is also growing back beautifully as you can see in the pictures.
She is being cared for in a wonderful foster home, but we are still responsible for the cost of her food and medical care.
It is likely to be a while until she can look for a permanent home.
Will you help to support her, whilst she continues to recover?

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