The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

One Donation, Twice the impact!

We are excited to share that we are taking part in the CDCH Big Give Christmas Challenge!

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is participating in this year’s Big Give Campaign, this means that any donation received during this time will be doubled by our matched funders, St James’ Place and Mortgage Habitat, DOUBLING YOUR DONATION.


Our matched funders will double your donation. Turning our target of £5,950 into £11,900!


This means, if you donated £15, our matched funders will then double your donation effectively turning your £15 into £30!


One donation, twice the impact.

Your donation will be supporting The Pet Retreat Scheme here at CDCH.

The Pet Retreat Scheme has already helped a number of animals in need of emergency support.


We work closely with Gloucester Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) to offer a safety net for both animals and their humans fleeing domestic abuse.


This service offers a safety net for both people and animals fleeing domestic violence. We provide emergency care for animals so their humans can flee to safety, to eventually be reunited with their loved companions.

The Pet Retreat Scheme is completely free of charge to those who find themselves in this terrible position and need the urgent safety of a refuge.


Although a refuge is a place of safety for people, they are often unable to take in animals.


This means that, in many cases, people are reluctant to leave their homes until they know there is safety for the whole family, including their beloved animals.


The Pet Retreat Scheme offers exactly this, giving peace of mind and an extra weight lifted, knowing that all their animal’s needs will be met with the love and care as if they were our own. This includes any veterinary treatment as required until they are in a position to be reunited.

There is currently 1 animal, on average, every week needing this urgent support in our community whilst their human is fleeing domestic violence.

With reports of domestic violence increasing over the festive period, due to people spending more time with abusive partners, higher alcohol consumption, and worries over money, we need your support now more than ever.

Imagine how hard it would be to leave your pet in a dangerous environment so that you could get to safety.

“If it wasn’t for Pet Retreat, Winston and I would probably be unalive. We were on a park bench. The homeless shelter wouldn’t take animals. I felt I had to go onto the streets full-time rather than be separated from him. He’s my heart, soul; 12 years old and a miniature poodle.


Then, I sent CDCH a photo of Winston and begged for help. Hours later, they confirmed that they could take him and that they had a foster mum.


They agreed I could visit him every two weeks. Due to circumstances out of my control it’s been nearly a year. During that time, Winston received 1:1 love, veterinary care, and gifts to help set us up in our new home. Yes! We have a home! Winston and I will be together again soon – and I know the CDCH will always be in our lives as I try to give back any way I can”. – Pet Retreat Service user

We want to be able to continue running the pet retreat scheme but sadly this does not come without cost.

Like all of the work of the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, The Pet Retreat Scheme is only possible as a result of the generosity of our supporters.


Your donation will help both animals and their humans in their darkest hours, giving them the beacon of light, they are so desperately looking for.


There is no better time to donate than now! Donate through the Big Give this Christmas time and your donation will be doubled.

One Donation, Twice the impact!

Thank you!

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