Urgent appeal after explosion of kittens at CDCH!

CDCH is launching an urgent appeal to raise funds that will help cover our immediate and extensive costs in neutering due to an explosion of kittens arriving at the centre recently.

Kitten season is truly upon us.

An increase in unneutered cats has sadly seen a more significant number of unwanted litters, combined with kittens purchased during lockdown with families now no longer being able to care for them, leaving us with a real CATASTROPHE!

On top of the increase in cat and kitten intake, due to the cost of living crisis rehoming has slowed down, leaving us in a position where we have more cats in need coming in faster than what we can find homes for.


It is heartbreaking to see so many unwanted cats and kittens currently, but CDCH  will continue to do everything we can to take in as many as we can from some of these situations and help find them all the perfect home. 


CDCH had a visit from BBC Radio Gloucester who came to see for themselves how the increase in cats and Kitten has impacted the centre. 

You can listen here  BBC Radio Gloucestershire breakfast – With David Smith (28/09/2023) – BBC Sounds

CDCH has seen a 34% increase in cat in takes this year already!

We urgently need your help to cover the costs involved in getting these kittens and cats neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and available for adoption.


In turn, your donation will not only help one cat be rehomed but also give the opportunity for CDCH to welcome another cat or group of kittens into a warm safe place with a comfy bed, nutritious food, and treats.  Before neutering and vaccinations and again finding them the perfect family.

Now more than ever, we need your support. Any donation, big or small, will really help and we value all your support.

£10 will pay to microchip 4 cats!

£20 will pay towards Vaccinations!

£30 will pay for a cat’s initial vet visit!

£90 could neuter a cat! (This is average between males and females)

Thank you!

All money raised will be used to go towards animals in need at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home!

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