Urgent Appeal for Air Conditioning

We need your help!

With the summer set to be a scorcher this year and temperatures predicted to be in the 30s the centre is in urgent need of several air conditioning units.

Dogs and cats can’t cool themselves down as easily as we can as they’re unable to sweat like us. Instead, they mainly use panting to keep cool, this can make them prone to overheating.


It’s important to do all we can to keep our furry friends cool, to prevent serious illnesses such as heatstroke.


The best way to prevent heatstroke in animals is to keep them cool and prevent them from getting too hot in the first place.

We pride ourselves on providing the best care and environment for our animals until they find their forever homes. To keep them safe, happy, and healthy, we need to ensure that all their needs are met.

This can be a hard job during the summer months as year on year we have seen an increase in temperatures.


The team here at CDCH are amazing at keeping our animals as cool as possible by supplying frozen kongs, restricting walks, and replacing this time with enrichment as well as getting the paddling pools, cooling collars, and mats out but sometimes this isn’t enough, especially for some of our larger breeds.

And this is why we are reaching out to you to help raise the money to purchase several air conditioning units.


With your help our aim is to ensure no animal suffers due to cost, please give what you can to help raise the funds needed to buy the air conditioning units we so desperately need for the centre.


No donation is to small and we value all your support, Thank you.

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